If You Call Yourself a ​”Liberal”

July 27, 2016 Adi Cohen 0

Our social consciousness is rather reasonably accustomed to fear of radical far-right motions and flows within humanity, rather than from those among the left side of the political map. Especially

religion, Catholicism,, religious privilege,

The Evils of Rampant Religious Privilege

July 23, 2016 Dale Claridge 0

Criticisms of the Catholic Church, Islamist violence and religious intolerance are chiefly and sometimes exclusively championed by people well-known for their anti-religious sentiment. Rather than disparaging religion, it is more

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The Science of Prejudices

July 15, 2016 Alessandro Barp 0

Our inclination to give in to prejudice is at the root of many afflictions plaguing humanity. We will veer away from conventional newspaper article writing and adopt a style closer to scientific articles, and explain why most of us, by not having kept up with science and logic, have helped these prejudices survive.