John McCain

The Symbolic Death of John McCain

September 12, 2018 Jacob Kishere 0

Historians telling the story of the Trump era will undoubtedly remark on the death of John McCain as a moment of immense significance. The corrosive effects of Trump, including the

Migration, Borders

Is a Borderless World Viable?

September 9, 2018 Vladan Lausevic 0

A world less constrained by borders is not just a pipedream but a viable reality the world should strive for, argues Vladan Lausevic. Is it possible for humanity to live

Drought, Water, Water Scarcity

Confronting The World’s Water Crises

September 3, 2018 Scott Davies 0

The shortage of water around the world increasingly presents a geopolitical and security issue as well as an environmental one. Across the world, record heatwaves, dry seasons and unseasonable warmth