A Call for Political Armistice: A Farewell to the Identity Wars​​

Donald Trump is awful. Sure; I accept. At this point it goes without saying that Trump is a harbinger of Revalations-inspired cataclysm for liberals; and their fears are entirely justified, his Cabinet (or horsemen) may prove to be a compendium of conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and religious zealots – his Chief Strategist, Stephen Bannon, is all three! He will make a radically inferior Commander in-Chief compared to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. But now is not the time for maudlin reminiscing about what could have been. Clinton supporters still have a job to do; and that job does not require crocodile tears or whinge rallies.

Michael Moore, the uniquely odiferous sack of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and ego – has announced that he will unite with other paragons of left-wing virtue. He will lead the new rainbow alliance alongside Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Black Lives Matter, and every other group who can cobble together a snarky crowd of rabble rousers to oppose and ultimately undermine a Trump presidency before it even begins! Never mind the contempt for the democratic process this demonstrates, nor the hubris of yet another millionaire to think he is the voice of the disenfranchised, I am going to tell you why he deserves to be laughed at, especially coming off an election defeat where the electorate couldn’t have been more clear about what they think: they hate leftist chauvinists like Moore.

The gargantuan balls of the likes of Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Bernie Sanders, and others to think they can represent Americans whilst flat out calling half of them all shades of the ‘deplorable’ spectrum is astounding. La ‘Resistance’ – the name is yet to be concretely established – is the bourgeois attempt at a pushback after having the value-set they have woefully endorsed for years of ‘everyone who doesn’t like BLM is racist’ ‘everyone who disagrees with Hillary is sexist’ and ‘everyone who wants any kind of mass immigration curb is a bigot’ firmly repudiated. And rather than admitting they screwed up and thinking ‘maybe 47% of the voting electorate do not deserve my endless shit-talking’ they have chosen to double-down on it and thus ensure that they will not win anybody over and guarantee the Trump revolution will last an aeon, such is the inability of the left to admit any of its faults.

The Hillary loss goes beyond the problems within Washington bubble – that establishment cabal of corporatist ‘scratch my back and thine is my master’ sleaze-fest that leads to the revolving door between big business and big government. The Trump victory is a rebuke of the increasingly mainstreamed – by celebrities, politicians, activists – spawn that is P.C culture. I find it increasingly tedious to complain about political correctness, however, its wide embrace on the left means the rational Clinton support-base has to offer constant and anguishing correction when Hillary her supporters pander to black/gay/feminist/Muslim identity politics. Thus rather than be able to talk about the real dangers of Trumpism, the faction of rational Clinton supporters are tripped up by the debilitatingly dumb arguments coming from our own team – hell, even our own candidate! And so half the debate is focussed inward rather than addressing the real enemy, Donald Trump. Like Sam Harris has said, it would have been so easy for Hillary to recognise the Islamist threat and dispel any fears that she would let extremism go unchallenged; yet she could not conjure the courage to do so because of her – clearly flawed – cost/benefit vote analysis and the key fact recognising Islamism means violating the central pseudo-liberal commandment: thou shalt not speak ill of Islam. And so the Voldemort Effect wins again.

How is it possible to move the dialogue forward when we have celebrities like Lena Dunham saying her side do not even justify their grievances before joining the riotous ranks of anti-republicanism? We now have Hillary supporters beating Trump supporters in the street and the media are calling the Trump supporters fascist! People now think that being trolled to death is a  legitimate concern in 21st century political discourse. We have moved beyond mere parody into a whole new realm of the absurd.

And when media pundits hark to us their wise post-election analysis – after predicting Trump would lose spectacularly – they tell us that it is the white vote that is to blame. Are white men really to blame for the Trump upset? If you look at the data, a shocking proposition to the whingeing rioter, I know, what we find is that it wasn’t even that Trump was good, it was that Hillary was so, so bad. Trump redrew the electoral map and flipped many districts in Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio – places the Republicans haven’t trod since 1988. It is my contention he was able to do so because Hillary’s core message was not positive in the slightest. Her only real message was: I’m not that racist white man that many of you identify with, vote for me, a woman with a history of wealth and political influence – call it ‘experience!’. And so is it not such a surprise that Clinton had such an astounding voter deficit compared to Obama – even the 2012 candidate Romneybot – with his 47% gaffe trounces Hillary. Make America Great Again works better than Make America Less Bad Or You are a Sexist.

To be very sure, I am not justifying voting for Trump. The Trump victory is the irrational reaction to the equally irrational and judgemental identity politics of the left. And yet more appeals to identity will not topple President Trump, and it will not win any elections for the Democrats in the future. The Democratic establishment have been infected by the grass-roots idiocy of Black Lives Matter and the rest of the movements that were founded on emotion, lies and disinformation, and they better overcome it for their own country’s sake. It is time to bid farewell to the identity wars, engage in the world of facts, and last get serious.

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