Announcing Uncommon Ground’s Editing Service: Outside Voices

A world’s worth of ideas and opinions go by unnoticed and unheard. Our editing service, Outside Voices, seeks to tip the balance.

Millions of people worldwide have ideas and opinions which are worth listening to but never get heard. Whether English is not their first language or they struggle to articulate for other reasons, we believe they should be given a fair hearing – and now we are in a position to help make it happen.

Uncommon Ground Media is proud to launch our new editing service: Outside Voices. We have assembled a team of capable individuals who are ready to help bring your ideas to a wider audience. Don’t have the money? Don’t worry! We will negotiate with you based on your circumstances, and will raise money through donations to make sure everyone gets paid.

What you go on to do with your writing is up to you – publication on Uncommon Ground is offered as a courtesy.

We are initially asking for a flat payment of £10 per tier, with a further £10 for each hour of editing beyond the first. Your work will be evaluated by our team and a price will be offered based on our best estimate of the time needed. We will then give you an estimated completion date. Half the payment will be asked for up front, and half when the work is completed.

We are offering four tiers of service depending on the work required. You can request a single tier if desired, but the default will be for each tier to be included up to the highest level required. Each tier will be completed by a separate individual.

The tiers are as follows:

  • Proofreading. This is a deceptively simple process which requires a keen eye. Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will be corrected.
  • Editing. Without changing the nature of your work, sentences and paragraphs will be altered and rearranged to improve the structure, flow and argumentation of the piece.
  • Development. Working closely with you to ensure accuracy, your piece will be worked on from the ground up to give your ideas and concepts the presentation they deserve.
  • Translation. Depending on the availability of someone skilled in both languages, we will bring your writing into clear and presentable English – or, potentially, translate your work from English to another language.

Whether you are interested in joining our team, hiring our services or supporting our work financially, you can get in touch with us via!

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