An Apology from the Conatus News Editorial Team to the Twitter Moderation Staff

The Conatus News Editorial Team extends its most sincere apologies to Twitter for violating their rules by deadnaming and misgendering two fine individuals.

To whom it may concern at Twitter,

We at Conatus News would like to convey the sincerest apologies we could muster for the posting of a satirical image on your platform which you deemed in violation of your terms of service.

It has been made clear to us that you will not allow us to continue using your platform until we agree not to contest the issue and to comply with its deletion. We decided, therefore, that if we were going to be forced to effectively concede the point, we should go all the way and pen a public apology.

We recognise that, as a private corporation, Twitter has no obligations towards those who use its platform and can indeed elect to remove people according to whatever criteria you choose. If your staff decide that protecting the potential hurt feelings of rapists and paedophiles is more important than the freedom to satirise what we consider absolutely deplorable behaviour, then it is entirely legally permissible for you to forbid anyone from mentioning the names under which they committed their crimes or referring to them on the basis of their male biology.

We also note that our temporary suspension is a pin prick compared to the many bans which feminists have endured at the hands of your moderation team, including the accomplished founder of Feminist Current, Meghan Murphy, who has been permanently removed from your platform. We feel certain that the petition to reinstate her will be ignored and dismissed despite the skyrocketing number of signatures. It is clear that the only voices you’re prepared to listen to are those who already agree with you and therefore in the hopes of continuing to utilise your platform we are prepared to accept our punishment and admit that our positions on freedom of belief, freedom of speech and the importance of being able to identify both individual perpetrators and oppressive classes are incompatible with your terms of service.

This apology is intended to be received in the same spirit of maturity as it was demanded of us.


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