EVENT NEWS: Atheist Union of Greece Hosts Event – March 11

The Atheist Union of Greece is hosting an event on March 11, 2017. The Atheist Union of Greece sets a distinct priority for the firm establishment of the separation between the state and the church with equal treatment of citizens without regard for the religious or philosophical proclivities of the individual citizen.

The event that the Union will be hosting on March 11 is a workshop entitled “State and Church: Approaches (Human Rights, Economy, Politics).” Bear in mind, Greece is a highly religious nation with 98% of the Greek population being Orthodox Christian. So the Greek general population, as a heuristic, is principally – that is, primarily – Orthodox Christian. These are synonymous titles within the Greek demographic landscape.

So the topic of church and state, and the separation thereof, remain integral components for the Atheist Union of Greece core priority, which is that separation between church and state – within an economic, human rights, and political framework. The Atheist Union of Greece is a member of the Atheist Alliance International and the European Humanist Federation.

At the event, there will prominent academics and speakers who will describe the various problems that arise in virtue of Greece embracing a lack of separation between of Church and state. The political parties were provided invitations to openly state their positions after the workshop, the event. It will run from 10:00 to 15:00 today, March 11.

What is the event in general?
A conference regarding the relations of State and the Church, will take place this Saturday 11-03  at Panteion University in Athens. It is entitled: “State and Church: Approaches” (Human Rights, Economy, Politics), and is co-organised by the Department of Sociology at Panteion University, the Atheists Union of Greece and the Hellenic League for Human Rights.
Where does this initiative originate?
It is an initiative of the Atheists Union of Greece, member of the European Humanist Federation and the Atheist Alliance International, a Non Profit Organisation that promotes secularism in Greece.
What is the Atheist Union of Greece?
AU was founded in 2010 and currently has about 1800 members all over Greece and abroad. The AU undertakes various campaigns one of the most notable being a proposal for separation of church and state in the form of a questionnaire sent to the political parties.
What is the main topic of the conference?
The conference brings forth the problem of the state and church embrace in Greece. It comes after a long, misleading, populist and scaremongering monologue by regressive voices, now it is the time for the voices of reason and science to set the grounds correctly for a public debate about the problem.
It examines it from all of the various aspects that it has. Never before has an overview of the problem by distinguished academics and other speakers been organised in the country. It aims to inform all citizens that the state-church separation is a reform that suits all people, even the religious ones.
AU believes that political will is essential in solving the problem. Unfortunately, so far, the political parties seem reluctant to even discuss it as demonstrated by the poor response to the above mentioned questionnaire.
The conference, therefore, besides its informative character, is also a political intervention as political parties have been invited to attend and asked to contribute their views and commitments.
Thank you for your time, Fotis.
For those with further interest in becoming involved or contacting The Atheist Union of Greece, one very good means is the website, where you can become involved with them. Another means includes the Facebook page, which has an active membership and over 10,000 likes. Event details by the International Association of Free Thought here.
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