South Dakota Anti-Science Bill 55 Shot Down

February 27, 2017 Scott Jacobsen 0

NCSE has stopped another attempt—of the many tired, stammering, unrelenting attempts—to block modern education, burn it to the ground, and from its ashes build wrongheaded ideas for an educational framework for the young.

Scientific Spirituality

Specious ‘Scientific’ ​Spirituality

September 4, 2016 Mitchell Bate 0

When Stephen Jay Gould, the great educator and geologist spoke of the relationship between the spiritual sphere and the scientific sphere, he said that science and religion were ‘non-overlapping magisteria’


Let’s Talk About Climate Change

September 2, 2016 Scott Jacobsen 1

Discussion and conversation is the glue that will bind all of these together. The energy sources and storage-devices of the future, the preparation for the effects of climate change that is happening and will continue to happen, and so on, need chit-chat throughout democratic societies for even more awareness of it. So let’s do something about it, by talking about it more through a national discourse. Here and now.

Science, Prejudices, Humanism,

The Science of Prejudices

July 15, 2016 Alessandro Barp 0

Our inclination to give in to prejudice is at the root of many afflictions plaguing humanity. We will veer away from conventional newspaper article writing and adopt a style closer to scientific articles, and explain why most of us, by not having kept up with science and logic, have helped these prejudices survive.