Ramin Hossein Panahi – Kurdish Dissident In Iran To Die Today

As young Kurdish Iranian dissident Ramin Hossein Panahi heads to his death, a look at the desperate efforts, locally and internationally to save him. According to the Iran Human Rights Monitor, there has been a call to Iran from the United Nations (UN) human rights experts. The call is for an annulment of the death […] Read more

Can Humanism Provide Answers to Global Inequities?

  A Time For Reflection This August, the International Humanist and Ethical Union’s conference in New Zealand presents an opportunity to assess the state of humanism in the world, to take stock of the progress the movement has made towards promoting the humanist outlook globally. This meeting is an occasion for reflection, especially by those […] Read more

What Really Drives Populism? A Conversation with Dr. Frank Mols

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Your work has focused on a specific paradox between the acquisition of wealth and the “hardening” of attitudes or stances on issues. What does this mean? How is wealth defined in this work and the hardening of attitudes here? Dr Frank Mols: For many decades, the debate about populism and far-right voting has […] Read more

Terror and Repression In Nicaragua – Living When Death May Come Anytime

Nicaragua is gripped by protests and catastrophic levels of violence. This insider’s account highlights to the rest of the world the extent of the crisis. Editors Note: This account relates to the ongoing campaign of terror and brutality being visited upon Nicaraguans, suffering under the brutal repression of protests by President Daniel Ortega. Demonstrations first […] Read more