Both Clinton And Trump Are Terrible, But Clinton Must Win

Hillary Clinton is a shrill, lying, malicious careerist who – for the sake of American dignity – must become the 45th President of the United States.

To be sure, Hillary Clinton is an awful woman – personally and professionally. However, she has the intention of being just another boring, compromised, and unexceptionally corruptible politician; much like her husband, and he wasn’t all that bad. Unless of course, you count his apathy which cost the lives of nearly 1 million Rwandans and Muslims in the former Yugoslavia, his failure to capture Osama Bin Laden when he had the chance, and the not entirely implausible allegations of rape and sexual assault. Yet, as stunning and damning as all of these facts and allegations are, and astechnologically incompetent as his wife Hillary is – despite being at least 4/5 android – there is still no doubt that President Trump is a much worse prospect. He is an existential threat to the promise of America and the security of the world.
Alexis DeTocqueville admired America for a great many reasons. And many of those reasons are completely valid. America is a land of innovation born with the spirit of Capitalism, and thereafter revealed the power of the Protestant Work Ethic. Although, he was less keen on the glib demagoguery of the supposed leaders of the free world. He wrote, “I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run”. DeTocqueville’s lament is as much a jibe against the gullible population as it is against the characterless, moral idiots who run for elected office. And suffice it to say: there has not been a vindication of a view quite to such a menacing extent since Trotsky sussed out the Hitler-Stalin threat. Donald Trump is the axis of unqualified; his candidacy makes a mockery of the democratic process, and the member-berry gluttons who support him are genuinely deplorable.

Before we go on, let’s quickly dispose of the idea that a third party is a smart vote this year: ‘Governor Veto’ a.k.a Former Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, is the only third party candidate with half a chance. The rub – very unfortunately – is thus: he is pigignorant of foreign policy – what is an Aleppo anyway, and why should I care? – and he does not want to *do* anything. Johnson thinks it is a virtue to have done nothing during his New Mexico tenure; his Presidential promises includes eradicating the department of education, and to slowly tear down social security. He is still a much better candidate than Trump, make no mistake, but he is still awful – if well intentioned – when it comes to policy; unless all you care about is weed and the stupid non-aggression ‘principle’. A vote for him is a vote against Hillary, and therefore counts as neutrality towards the monster that is Donald Trump

Donald Trump manifests everything wrong about America. He is a jumped up twerp who has leeched fame from promoting carnal crap and exploiting small businesses. He now runs as the saviour of America and wants to make the old dame re-live the great days of her youth. His appeal derives from a nostalgia for an age of harmony that never existed mixed with a fear of a dangerous world in flux: between limp-wristed liberalism which fails to deliver on the one hand, and crackpot islamists and dictators who set the world on fire on the other. Whilst many of the concerns Trump raises are valid – he wouldn’t get any support if there were not something wrong – Trump reacts to the problems of the world with his own brand of illiberalism and affronts to the constitution, and he undermines counter-extremism by deploying gross generalisation and hyperbole.

It is a sweet and dialectical world we occupy. When one insanely wrong idea surfaces on the political left, another equally wrong idea pops up on the right and vice versa – like a multiverse of bullshit. It is a leap of faith that a collision of these anti-fact particles will reveal anything of worth, it tends to do the opposite and open a black hole that consumes all rationality and common sense. Our former two boring sides establishment politics have been running into each other like perpetually horny billy goats, and at last they have fractured, and the fragments of a remarkably vicious anti-politics full of unwarranted suspicion, paranoia, and violence have broken off. Donald Trump is the right’s version of this new spite-focussed political sphere; we call them the ‘Alt-Right’. Here’s the difference between the candidates though. Hillary Clinton is not really the left’s version of crazy. People like Deeray McKesson, Jeremy Corbyn, and Canadian useful idiot and proponent of an inclusive segregation, Justin Trudeau, count among the left’s extremists. Hillary Clinton – for all of her many many many ills – is just a cynical politician playing the game. She placates her moronic extremists for votes whereas Trump is the leader of the pack of his.

South Park’s Stan Marsh says: ‘I think voting is great, but, if I have to choose between a douche and a turd, I just don’t see the point.’ It is the story of nigh every election ever; almost every election. This election falls into the area where this is not true, it is much worse. Hillary writes political hit-lists like a butthurt mafiosi, and her career as a lawyer points to her being a cunning opportunist – albeit one with a caring face – who is indifferent to crime so long as she profits from it, she is certainly a giant “douche”.

The shame of it all is that Mrs. Clinton is still vastly more qualified and makes a much better candidate than her rival, Donald Trump. He is a truly dangerous narcissist with authoritarian tendencies, and is much more terrifying in every policy area than the usual duo of incompetent clowns the people have to pick from. Only a spiteful ignoramus who cares more about rubbishing leftist identity politics over literally every other political issue can vote for Trump with a clear conscience. And do not be mistaken: Trump supporters simply favour the other side of the identity war, not the negation of it as rationality would command. Thus Trump’s followers are equally flawed, and equally stupid as Hillary’s gender warrior and Black Lives Matter chumps. Hillary is a liar, but she is a rational liar, a good old political Machiavelli, she is our liar.

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