College Without Financial Aid Or Loans? Yes, It’s Possible!

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Affording college without financial aid can be difficult. However, finding a part-time job or another form of paid work can make the process easier.

Many college students are working students, taking up part time jobs or even full-time jobs as they study to graduate from college. An article from Web Mark Loans, however, states that it may be getting harder than ever to find a job as a college student.

It can be difficult to find work that will coincide with your schedule or work that is not too demanding. With a little research and imagination you can find good jobs for college students. Every student uses plagiarism checker for students to avoid plagiarism in their essays or papers.

You also need perseverance in order to find just the right job for you. Keep in mind that your priority is your studies, and that the reason why you’re getting a job is to help you stay in school.

The need for a flexible time table

One of the reasons why college jobs are harder to find nowadays is because of timetables. Web Mark Loans discusses the issue:

Because a student will be taking classes at different times throughout the year, they will need to find a job that will allow them to work variable hours. Additionally, they might need time off from work when they have exams. The bottom line is that they need to find an employer that can give them very flexible hours.

Being flexible is very important when studying, especially if you plan to take on extra courses or subjects. College group projects that require meeting up with your peers is also another reason why a flexible work schedule is important.

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Group work and assignments are another consideration when looking for a part-time job. Image Credit: NYU Steinhardt

The issue of prioritization

Web Mark Loans mentions the difficulty of prioritizing between work and school:

If you want a real job you will need to find one that is most likely part time and will fit in with your schedule. This means that you will have to juggle your school studies and showing up to work on time for an employer who will be depending on you. You might also be able to find a work-study job which is one that students have first priority over. You can get information on where to find work-study jobs at your college’s financial adviser’s office.

Check out your school’s programs or departments and see if they have any job openings for a student looking for a flexible work time. Working and studying at school may be the perfect set-up for you if you don’t want to commute that far to and from your workplace.

Other suggestions

Here are some of the job suggestions from Money Smart Life:

Writing online: Can you write well? If so, there are plenty of places online that are willing to pay you to write for them.

No matter what line of work you decide to do, it’s important to make it clear to your employer that you are a college student who also has responsibilities toward your studies. An understanding boss will help work out a good arrangement for both you and the company.


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