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I Can't Believe They Deleted r/gendercritical  

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I am livid that women's views are constantly erased, ridiculed, or otherwise outlawed.  Literally all I want is the world to agree that women are women and men are men, regardless of what you wear.   Why is that hateful?  Why does it have even an iota of scandal?

I'm just sick that this is the state of the world right now.  TWAM.  Forever and always.  

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Dan Fisher
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Reddit had previously presented itself as a bastion of free speech, but the TRAs are attaching themselves to the BLM effort at tackling racism and, as ever, making it all about them. 


That and the fact that JKR has lit a fuse on the public awareness of the issue. No wonder Stonewall is retreating into the 'manipulate from behind the scenes' strategy outlined by other orgs.

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They even deleted /r/blatantmisogyny despite its clearly stated rule against "TERF"s, so they don't even have any hatemongering excuses for that one. They just hate women having a voice on the platform.


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