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Peak Trans  

Dan Fisher
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Given the amazing resource which was the peak trans threads on reddit, let's keep that spirit going here. 


I was a full-on TRA up to around 5 years ago or so. I had a trans friend as well as lots of intersectional feminist types.


But in the process of learning about it all alongside some friends, we found that we weren't allowed to maintain a consistent position against misogyny and still stay trans supportive. I realised I had been overlooking a lot of unpleasant behaviour because of trans status, and saw that it was common practice.


The furious pushback to any attempt at righting these wrongs only convinced us further that the movement was a vehicle for misogyny.


What's your peak trans story? 

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Ooh. My peak trans was Alex Drummond,  such a beautiful beard. Swiftly followed by Laurel Hubbard and Rachel Mckinnon.

When my brother told me he was a transwoman,  my first response was "You're not going to take up weightlifting and enter the Olympics,  are you?"

Apparently that wasn't the correct reply, which should have been "How stunning and brave of you.

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For me it's just the simple fact that speaking about biology is no longer allowed. I can't wrap my brain around reality denial no matter where it comes from. I can't wrap my brain around the political party most concerned with science denial perpetrating this. 


As someone that suffers from OCD and Panic Disorder, I rely heavily on the basic laws of reality being upheld. Since I can't always rely on myself to make sense, I rely on my environment to do so. So this attempt to silence a basic law is existentially terrifying in the extreme. What happens if these things go further? What if everything we know eventually becomes mutable subject to the whims of political movements? 


And has anyone else noticed how nearly ALL of this is centered around schooling women and defending Transwomen, but NEVER about schooling men to defend Transmen? If there wasn't an agenda, the representation would at least be equal. After all, it is women trying to pass as men that are most likely to be subjected to violence when attempting to access male spaces.


I must say though, WisdomWoman, it's kind of obvious why the reaction was negative, wasn't it? Deluded though your brother may be, the first reaction you had to him relaying something he felt was important about himself was to 1. think about yourself, and 2., accuse him of impropriety he'd not yet committed. If we were to transpose this onto a conversation that was not about trans issues, his reaction would be the same. 


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