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Reddit Purges Wrongthink From Women’s Health Support Groups  

Dan Fisher
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This is erasure of women in every sense. Erasing women's spaces. Erasing women's voices. Erasing the understanding of what it is to be a woman.


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Habes Nicht
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 Habes Nicht
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If you look at this thread   you can see reddit supermod/admin "Bardfinn" explain how they deliberately tagged and tracked women who posted on Gendercritical, and then followed them from there. There are other posts on reddit where transactivist mods described targeting subs like PCOS BECAUSE they saw an overlap between PCOS and GC posters. Essentially, any sub that they find GC posters gets "flagged", and Reddit admins start to brigade. "AgainstHateSubreddits" openly discusses brigading and reporting subs... the call any women's subs that don't toe the line for transwomen "TERF" subs.  

Also note that the men's health subs and men's rights subs don't openly proclaim that transmen need to be included in their language. I have more links if you check out @Habesnicht on twitter. 


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