Education News in Brief March 3rd 2017

Trump, England
Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, July 18-21, 2016. Credit: Addie Mena / CNA.
Image Credit: Catholic News Agency.

President Trump touts school choices

According to the Catholic News Agency, President Donald Trump on March 3 praised a Catholic education system while visiting a Florida Catholic school. He is in support of school choice programs.

Trump said, “You understand how much your students benefit from full education, one that enriches both the mind and the soul. That’s a good combination,” to Bishop John Noonan of Orlando.

President Trump “toured the pre-K-8th grade school, located in Orlando’s Pine Hills neighbourhood, and spoke with students, who presented him with two cards.” He reportedly told a girl “she’s ‘gonna make a lot of money. But don’t run for politics.’”


Delegates are discussing the full spectrum of education, from Early Learning and Learning from Place; Cultural Identity and Well-being; Elementary and Secondary Learning; Post-Secondary Learning; and Culture, Language, Ceremonies, and Life Learning.
Image Credit: CBC News: Calgary.

The Assembly of First Nations meet on the educational gap

CBC News: Calgary reported that the “Liberals pledged billions” to fix the education problems for First Nations. Hundreds “of First Nations leaders across the country are gathering in Calgary to talk amongst themselves about how best to tackle the perennial problem of education on reserves.”

The Assembly of First Nations national forum has been examining the educational problems in addition to novel education models. The goal is to close the gap in K-12 and postsecondary education between non-Indigenous and Indigenous students in Canada.

Economist, Don Drummond, estimated First Nations schools get 30% fewer funds compared to others in the provincial jurisdiction throughout the country. Darren Googoo, director of education for the Membertou Mi’kmaq First Nation in Nova Scotia, said, “The goal is to create and open a dialogue amongst First Nations across the country.”


Image Credit: Elite Daily.

Sex education to be compulsory in every English school

Elite Daily said, “In awesome growth and progress news, the UK just announced that in 2019, sexual education will be compulsory for every English school and the reasoning is beyond amazing.”

It is an amendment to the Children’s Work and Social Bill, which required the children from age 4 and up to have education on healthy relationships.  As the pupils develop, their sex education will develop along with their age to be appropriate to that stage of development.

Some of the curriculum will focus on the online world as well. Emphasis on the online world will include teaching students “how to stay safe and smart in an ever-increasing online world.”


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