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One religion dominance not allowed in public institutions such as schools

According to The Times Live, 6 former Model C schools had pupils recite prayers from the Christian faith in assembly. Students had to “pray before sport matches and describe themselves as having a predominantly ‘Christian ethos'”

They are having to defend

the right to follow a single

religion in the courts. The

Johannesburg High Court

will be hearing the case

and this will have

“implications for any state

school that promotes one


That promotion would include “dress code, prayers or readings – even if the religion reflects the belief system of the majority.” The “OGOD, the Organisasie Vir Godsdienste Onderrig en Demokrasie,” noted that the constitution and the National Policy of Religion disallow one religion dominance in public institutions.


US broken education system caused Trumpism

The Toronto Star described the nature of the Trump phenomenon, Trumpism, as resulting from the breakdown of the American educational system, which comes from the abandonment of the educational system.

The author congratulates Canada

on having a good educational system,

and thinks that as long as it can be

maintained then the nation will not

crash as “our next-door neighbour

has, a backyard of flaming wreckage

and oh no, where are the nukes.”
“Education is the key to civilized life” the columnist asserts and the underfunding of US schools tied to the absence of teachers and the inadequate salaries for teachers has eroded the educational system in America.


England’s unsustainable educational system according to the Financial Times

The Financial Times describes the “tatters” of England’s educational system because of the unsustainable level of funding given to the system, which means that the funding levels will need to change at some point in the future.

Alison Wolf, Professor at King’s College

London, states that the increasing numbers

of university graduates creates one funding

system that cannot keep up and the

“technical qualifications below degree

level have suffered” resulting in a decline
in “student numbers.”

That is, the current demographics of the university graduate population cannot be sustained because of the poor suitability for the current job market, and those that could fill them will be able to fit into the market. Thus, the situation is described as having “serious flaws” with high levels of expense and involves “a major misallocation of resources.”


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