The Relativism of a “Feminist” Canadian Prime Minister

Every culture is different, and each one has something special to show us. From their spicy cuisine to their quaint guttural languages to their unique take on gender-apartheid; we should respect and cherish these nuggets of diversity, and doing so will give us strength as a nation! After all, what is a 21st century nation-state if not the amalgamation of every wacky custom, dogma, and discrimination from the ‘Chop Chop’ execution Square in Riyadh. We derive wisdom from those lofty desert dwellers who thought – many of them still think – that women and sheep are interchangeable tools for… recreation, shall we say (Again, I’m looking at you, Saudi Arabia).

Of course, to those of you with an accurate sense for satire, and a purely agricultural interest in sheep, my statements are palpably absurd. Indeed, the difference between my beliefs, your beliefs, and those of a Saudi fundamentalist stretch much further than our respective interpretations of The Lonely Goatherd. I actively despise Saudi-styled fundamentalism – called Wahhabism, which is an extreme form of Salafism. In fact, call me a radical, but I am rather confident in affirming that women are precisely equal to men; I even think gay people can be moral humans – although that does not stop half of them from trying to prove me wrong! My only undying hope in a mass grave of wasted optimism is that my liberal friends – more importantly my liberal enemies, let’s be honest – stop their cringe-provoking worship of extremists and cease accommodating their profoundly illiberal and stupid ideas.

A liberal, tolerant, feminist former teacher was elected to the highest office in Canada in 2015 – you couldn’t cook up a dreamier package for the Canadian lefty. His win was a shared one for the Canadians who hated Stephen Harper’s contempt for the environment, uncritical support for Israel, and unyielding religious conservatism. Justin Trudeau, the son of former liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, was going to be the social justice jesus and make Canada into a lefty utopia.

However, meek and mild J.T takes the concept of loving your enemy – the Greeks call it agápe or universal love – a little too literally, to the point where he genuinely admires those who should be scorned. Justin is the type of left-winger who only seems able to assert his values when he laments the actions of white people.When Justin Trudeau spoke at a Mosque last week, he attended a gender-segregated event. This means men at the front and women at the back; it is God’s way. Being a feminist, one would think Justin was outraged at the idea that ‘unclean’ women could no be in close proximity to men. Not so. Justin Trudeau is that special brand of “liberal” who loves his unions strong and his minorities culturally cocooned.

Trudeau is perpetually incapable of recognising that Islamic religious conservatism offers all of the bigotry of Christian conservatism and then some! Well… I say he does not recognise it, that is a porky on my end. He does recognise it, but he fully endorses this truly oppressive practice when Muslims do it. The tragic irony for the feminist PM is this: Trudeau brought the local female MP and another woman with him, and they had to enter the Mosque through the back door – I wonder why. I recall SammyDavis Jr. talking about how he had to go through the back door in order to play gigs, but of course, no comparison over here!

Trudeau’s sweetness gets more and more sickly when you really know where he stands – or where he fails to stand. The entire western world is plagued with relativists like him; although his particular form of moral blindness strikes me as stereotypically Canadian. We non-Canadians think of you as the overly-polite and quiet neighbours to the loudmouths next door – to your detriment. When the media clocked J.T’s hypocrisy, he did the classic platitude trick and told us to broaden our minds, and we are strong in our diversity! And blah blah blah, are you bored yet? The scary part is he actually seems to believe this slop.

His compassion for Muslims awkwardly morphs into an acceptance of intra-Muslim conflict. He does this by employing the wishy-washy ‘diversity’ card where brown people are allowed to oppress each other by being born with the virtue – and it is a virtue if you ask J.T – of also being brown. And so Muslim men can oppress Muslim women because, sorry, you’re brown too, and we only have to whine incessantly about white people; not women, gays, trans, disabled or any other group who also count themselves as Muslim. Trudeau thinks defending the moral failures of Muslims is a moral imperative simply because Muslims need a white-knight, and never mind the consequences for the Muslims adversely affected by these illiberal practices. Wobbly logic, Prime Minister.

The rest of Trudeau’s party look on lost and afraid, like clueless children who are sure they don’t like something, but do not have the wherewithal to put a valid argument forward to say where the stand. My favourite doe is Trade Minister Chystia Freeland who seems to have only a partial idea of where she is half of the time and will defend extremist Islam because not all Muslims are part of IS. Yes, it really is that peculiar. The Liberal Party’s obnoxious tolerance should no longer be tolerated.



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