Halal and Boycotts: Community-Driven Outrage Alienates Muslim Youth

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The element of intolerance within British Muslim communities towards Western values is the greatest hindrance to their youth’s integration into society.

Apart from the problems that almost all minorities face in different parts of the world, Muslim children may also face additional barriers to integration from the ideology of their own parents. Children may be lectured about the ‘evils’ and ‘mismatch’ of the developed world, feeding those kids with the propaganda of mullahs about the sugar candy mountain they call Sharia laws.

The latest example of this propaganda against the spirit of integration can be found in the protesting over the ban of so-called halal meat.

Lancashire County Council has recently banned serving un-stunned meat in public schools considering the unnecessary suffering that the animals go through when butchered without being stunned. The Lancashire council of Mosques branded the council’s decision ‘unnecessary and divisive‘, and the event became another point-scoring moment for Sharia law enthusiasts, who announced that they will make their kids boycott school meals, terming the stunned meat ‘not halal’.

The acting CEO of the Lancashire Council Mosques, Abdul Hamid Qureshi, stated ‘If the consultation phase on how the ban will be implemented goes wrong then some Muslim children will not be able to eat school meals anymore because some Muslims believe that only un-stunned meat is the right meat’.

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The latest example of this propaganda against the spirit of integration is protesting over ban of so-called halal meat. Image: PA

Extremists in radical mosques are trying to imply that the British government has actually banned halal meat through this rule. This is a way of maintaining their own self-perceived victim status, and it serves to further isolate their kids from British society, by suggesting that the government and British society as a whole does not care about their well-being. This kind of attitude in ultra-conservative households fosters a sense of alienation among vulnerable Muslim children, and could encourage them to join violent Islamist organisations, here or abroad.

It is ironic to talk about boycotting the same slaughtering method which 84% of Muslims buy from the market as halal meat. A report issued by Food Standard Agency (FSA) in 2013 had stated the fact that 88% of halal meat available in the market was obtained through stunning and slaughtering method. It is obnoxious to see any so-called representative of Muslims still threatening to use their children as pawns to promote their own extremist beliefs.

These actions are part of a larger campaign against the West through which Islamists seek special concessions in the law. They seek to keep practising Female Genital Mutilations, child marriages, polygamy, forced marriages of both Muslim boys and girls, full face veiling, violence against women and children, condemnation for homosexuals, death for apostates and so on. These are the same fanatics who initially seek legal rights to practice their ‘Sharia laws’ within their families and communities.

It becomes clear that extremists are trying to create a storm in a teacup when we can observe that countries like Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands have already introduced similar regulations on meat production while the majority of citizens abide by that. It is mind-boggling to see people pretending to be victims in a system which gives them more say and power than the authoritarian regimes that they want to import from elsewhere.

No de-radicalisation or mutual coexistence move will succeed unless Muslim parents who buy into extremist propaganda start putting the needs of their children first, and the government stops considering a tiny minority of extremists to be the representatives of Muslim citizens as a whole.


  1. Christianity teaches us to rise above it, turn the other cheek, and forgive. Islam invites feelings of victimhood and vengeance, and either authorizes or commands the rousing of these feelings via taqiyyah and related lie-based strategies. The regions of the psyche that the Muslim cult panders to are evidently a lot more popular than the things Christianity teaches us to aspire to.

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