How has Joe Biden fared in his election campaign so far?

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With the US presidential election just a couple of weeks away, it’s getting towards crunch time for incumbent President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden. It’s the latter who currently holds the edge in the political betting odds, but Trump may just fancy his chances of repeating his success of four years ago by overcoming the odds to win a second term in office.

But as Election Day draws near, there is a growing sense that Biden’s chances of actually delivering on his strong position in the polls are a lot higher than Hillary Clinton’s four years ago. The 77-year-old has run a solid campaign, capitalising on the increasing levels of discontent with Trump among the American electorate. 

A major factor in all this has been the respective ways in which both candidates have approached the coronavirus pandemic. From the off, Trump has downplayed the significance of the virus, favouring a cavalier approach to opening up the economy again, and getting businesses moving, after the difficult period faced during the coronavirus-enforced lockdowns across various states. It’s a policy which has pleased a core section of Trump voters, but there are still those supporters of his who feel that the health of the people should be a President’s number one priority.

Biden has presented himself as the antidote to such concerns. The Democrat has frequently worn masks in public, a decision which Trump is eager to constantly belittle him for, but the fact that Biden is showing that he takes the virus seriously demonstrates that he is intent on ensuring the US comes away from the virus having done everything to save as many lives as possible. If Biden does go on to win the election, this will be one of the key areas of his campaign which helped him win, as appealing to those who are concerned about the virus could help sway voters away from Trump.

Another important indicator of how Biden has fared in this campaign is the fact that he has not crumbled under Trump’s often militant, confrontational style. The first televised presidential debate between the pair was as bitterly contested as you would expect, but Biden showed that he was willing to take on Trump at his own game, and didn’t shrink under in the intimidation tactics of the President. 

Throughout the campaign, Biden has drawn from his vast experience in politics, and he has utilised the knowledge gained from serving as Vice-President to Barack Obama for eight years between 2009 and 2017. That experience brings Biden a certain degree of trustworthiness. Four years ago, Clinton had never served in the White House and so it was difficult for voters to gauge what they were going to get. With, Biden, it’s almost as if he has served an apprenticeship to the role already, and that has helped him forge a campaign where trust is at the centre of Biden’s approach.

It’s been a good campaign from the Democratic hopeful so far, but the proof of the pudding will come on November 3rd when the US heads to the polling stations. The way things look currently, Biden seems to be in with a better chance than Clinton of following through and winning the White House. 

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