Uncommon Ground is a platform for voices critical of political orthodoxy, for secularists, feminists and activists with positions deemed inconvenient or sidelined by the more dominant left-leaning media outlets.

In light of changing trends in public conversation, our core commitment has expanded from being a platform for marginalised voices to one also dedicated to providing a unifying message in a polarised political climate.

We do not strive to simply be an outlet devoted to criticising the ‘Left’ and issue dire warnings of liberalism dying out. Misunderstanding and panic are the inevitable results of ideological polemic which fails to understand or empathise with those it condemns. The solutions for the world’s problems are to be found in compassion tempered by reason.

In current discourse, the  visibility and public profile of a figure is dependent on how much outrage they  can pander to. Terminology is applied loosely and vaguely, and disproportionate accusations of a ‘-phobia’ or ‘-ism’ are levied on all sides as a weapon to dismiss entire arguments and stances.

Public attention has been ensnared by cultural and ideological wars. In the meantime, income inequality, rampant homelessness, falling educational facilities, accelerating environmental disasters due to climate change and democratic deficit are growing problems, unchecked by a population which feels they’ve been rendered powerless and unable to change their situation.

We commit to refraining from rendering politics into a simply a battle between ‘the left’ and ‘right’, ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’, when the beliefs these labels signify have undergone considerable change and are not even remotely accurate representations of such large groups. We commit to constantly holding ourselves to higher standards and admitting our own weaknesses and capacity to make mistakes. But most importantly, we commit to avoiding over-simplified reductions of complex debates and to, instead, writing and publishing material that prioritises issues that affect people’s lives indelibly, and not merely ones which provoke an emotional reaction.

To do this, we need your help. We need you to be interested in the boring topics, the policy discussions about education and environment and economics, about taxation, healthcare and the future of work. We need your help to elevate these conversations, to champion the voices of the working class and those whose political participation has been reduced to symbolic rebelling against the elites. To have the conversations about legal and economic and social policy that we all need to be more involved in, in addition to the cultural and ideological issues that frustrate us. We look forward to going on this journey with you.


Uncommon Ground Media is a site dedicated to advancing the causes of ‘Education, Environment and Equality’.


As an organisation, we have a duty to promote the reporting of accurate information to our audience. We endeavour to expose misconceptions, superstitions, and deception. Furthermore we promote the accumulation of knowledge in itself – both for adults and children.


To guarantee the liberties of each individual, we must protect the world as a whole from pollution and climate destruction. However, we should strive to go further and recognise the existence of a natural world outside of the material interests of human beings.


Our conception of equality is inextricably bound with our conception of liberty. We oppose attempts by any group or organisation to control and direct the lives of others. We recognise, however, the importance of a body which can act to protect those who find themselves vulnerable – and since no human being is an island, this service ultimately benefits all of us.