Peking University Goes Global with Oxford Campus

Peking University (Image: Wikipedia).

Peking University will begin the enrolment for its Oxford campus starting in June, 2017. This is according to the dean of the HSBC business school of Peking University.

The university officials signed an agreement with Open University in February, 2017, for the purchase of a 15-acre campus for the cost of 8.8 million British pounds. This is the first time a Chinese university used its own finances to manage and set up a school within a foreign country.

Hai Wen, the dean of the HSBC business school, stated that there will be 100 international students enrolled in the school during the opening of August, 2018. This is purposed to occur simultaneously with the elite Beijing university’s 120th founding anniversary.

“The timing is monumental. In 1818, China’s first foreign-founded school, Ying Wa College, was set up by a British missionary. Now 200 years later, a Chinese university will set up its own school in Britain,” Wen said.

Wen also pointed out that many foreign universities over the years have opened schools within China and that Peking University is one of China’s top universities. It will be taking the “leading role” of the Chinese universities going global, he said.

A movement that is a change in the dynamics of internationalisation of Chinese education via its top universities. Peking University will be the first to endeavour to accomplish this effort through the UK-based Oxford campus.

“He said HSBC Business School’s finance, management and economics courses will feature Chinese business cases to help students become better acquainted with the Chinese economy and reforms,” XinhuaNet News reported on some aspects of the campus, “Students will take the first year course in the Oxford campus and the second year at the school’s campus in the city of Shenzhen, southern China.”

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