Philosophy News in Brief – May 19th, 2017

Philosophy News in brief

Some Philosophical Principles of Success

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An author from Inc., speaking on his personal philosophy for success, recently said, “I have a modest and maybe even overly simple personal philosophy with which I view my life — I compartmentalise my entire existence into three basic buckets: social, business, and family. This plays out in many different ways, but today I am focused on my walls around business.”

Two philosophical principles for entrepreneurial initiatives, from the author, come in two paths. One is the pursuit of gain while the other is the avoidance of loss.

However, the reduction of risk is not really a possibility, according to the author. The best companies do not factor into their calculations the possibility of worst-case scenarios, but they know that the paths of failure are probable outcomes.

John Singleton Copley as a ‘National Treasure’ Portraits

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Image: Kathy Tarantola.

The Harvard Gazette reported that “Five years ago, when Harvard’s Ethan Lasser began examining the history of a series of portraits by the American painter John Singleton Copley, something odd caught his eye.”

Lasser described the continual references within the records as to the prior placement of the series of portraits by John Singleton Copley. When looking further, the author found a big and “untapped archive.”

They began to look for the original materials for the possibility of recreation of the “stories of collecting and scholarship that collided inside the Philosophy Chamber.” It is the largest of three rooms in the Harvard Hall, from the late 18th and 19th centuries, which taught students with “a vast collection of art, scientific instruments, plant and mineral specimens, indigenous American artefacts, and ancient relics.”

Reflection on the Reasons for Extremism After Mashal Khan Murder

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Mashal Khan (Image: Daily Times).

The Daily Times recently published an article which, through highlighting the gory incident of Mashal Khan’s lynching at Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, stressed that there is an obvious question in the minds of most thinking Pakistanis currently: what is the cause of intolerance and extremism among the educated class of Pakistani society?”

It is noted that there are myriad reasons for this, including the “abysmal” state of the education system regarding philosophy in the post-secondary institutional sector.

The “coding” for kids can impact the personalities quite profoundly in addition to the “idiosyncrasy” found in Pakistani culture for kids, to not ask questions. In reflection on Mashal Khan, it was noted that maybe this is an important point of consideration surrounding his murder.

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