Politics News in Brief March 8th 2017

Tzipi Livni Ayelet Shaked
Image Credit: Jerusalem Post Israel News.

Israeli women in politics surpasses US

According to Jerusalem Post Israel News, on International Women’s Day, there is an important note on women in politics for reflection, which is the fact that a total of 33 female MKs serve for the Knesset.

One study, published last year by Ofer Kenig at the Israel Democracy Institute, described the representation of women in the Israeli Knesset, which showed it is higher than the US Senate at 20% and the House of Representatives at 19.4%.

In other words, “…Israel only slightly lags behind the OECD average when it comes to women’s legislative representation.”


Russian energy minister declares non-interference in US politics

CNBC reported that the Russian energy minister denied the allegations of Russian interference in the American political system. Alexander Novak, the

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak
Image Credit: CNBC.

energy minister, said, “We did not interfere in U.S. domestic politics…”

“…and we prefer that every country be independent in resolving its domestic issues” Novak continued. It is in the wake of the OPEC output cut, and Novak “talked about Russia’s cooperation in the process, calling the coordination between OPEC and Non-OPEC producers historic.”

Apparently, this is historic because of the dual OPEC/Non-OPEC countries as signatories to the agreement.


Obamacare, but worse

Salon stated that after “more than half a decade of breaking promise after promise to produce some sort of legislation to “replace” the Affordable Care Act,
congressional Republicans have finally unveiled an actual health care bill. And boy oh boy, is it terrible.”

Image Credit: Salon.

Paul Ryan, house speaker, served legislation that “replicates Obamacare.” However, it is significantly worse than Obamacare in important ways. Fewer
citizens will be covered. There will be less magnanimous subsidies for citizens.

The sick and the poor will be worse off. The rich will have tax cuts. The health insurance companies will get big doled out monetary funding, so the rich
will be better and the poor will be worse with this system.

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