Why Are Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Exploiting the Dead?

The alt-right are hiding behind innocent people for political gain

(Image: Infowars)

Dead men tell no tales. But, as with everything else in politics, conspiracy theorists and opportunists are only too willing to exploit tragedy to advance their agendas.

Conspiracies alleging the dead uncover great truths that lead to their own demise go far beyond George R.R. Martin’s high fantasy tales. In Game of Thrones, Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, discovers that Joffrey and his siblings were born of incest. A frightening yet thrilling prospect that is sure to make viewers tune in next week. Great plots that threaten to undo a nation in a single blow and arching narratives that make for nail-biting television only really happen in fiction for a reason. They are entertaining. But they are mostly bogus. In reality, things just… happen. Knots untie themselves. There is no man operating in the shadows.

Our own political royals are never far away from stories of smoke-filled rooms teeming with cut-throats. But the truth is boring. Reading is hard. And being the designated detective in your circle of friends is fun. The John F. Kennedy plot is far less interesting when one realises neither the mafia nor the CIA colluded to murder the president and it was, in reality, just a communist fanatic with good aim. If John Hinkley Jr. managed to murder President Reagan in 1981, who would be brave enough to bet those same grassy knoll-obsessed conspiracy theorists would not suddenly valorise Reagan as an anti-establishment revolutionary? Even the living cannot escape accusations they have been murdered for some greater plan. Paul McCartney is targeted by legions of people who want to believe he is an imposter disguised as the man who really co-wrote Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Reagan got lucky. Kennedy did not. The fates of great men fall at the feet of nobodies like you and me all the time. But still, this meme that every death is a piece in a greater political plan spreads. And it has spread to one of the greatest dynasties of our time- the Clintons. The murder of Seth Rich is the unfortunate case of a man who worked for the Democratic National Committee being shot in the back by a criminal who – so far – remains free, just like a great many murderers. It cannot be so simple to those who believe in the greater plan, though. Seth Rich was the mole who leaked DNC material to Wikileaks, they say. He was disgruntled by the corruption and wanted justice. And, for that, he was murdered by a Clinton cut-throat. As it stands today, conspiracy theorists led by the usual suspects  – Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos,  Mike Cernovich – disseminate the ‘truth’ about Seth Rich. Supposedly legitimate journalist Seymour Hersh has apparently discovered that Seth Rich was indeed the DNC leak and ‘RussiaGate’ was a CIA ploy all along. All unveiled on Infowars, the paragons of alt-media propaganda. Don’t expect this to be validated by any sources. It won’t happen. The real victims remain: Seth Rich’s family have asked people to stop using their son as a political volleyball and leave them alone. No, say those who seek justice for Seth, they know better than his family.

Reward flyer seeking info on murder of Seth Rich – $125,000 reward

Seth Rich is not the first victim of the Clinton’s and will not be the last, according to the growing circles of far-right paranoia. Vince Foster was a Deputy Whitehouse Counsel and friend of the Clinton’s. Like Seth, he got too close to the truth and needed to be shut up. Vince Foster was found dead; he struggled with depression. Sure, elites, sure… Scores of books that are not worth the paper they’re printed on by authors not worth a damn make a hefty sum catering to people who want to believe. And, again, Vince Foster’s devastated family are harassed by buffoons, freaks, and frauds. It’s a common theme. Even the late rock singer Chris Cornell has been the subject of conspiracy theories through the PizzaGate conspiracy.  The Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation discovered John Podesta was involved in child trafficking; Andrew Breitbart was right; It’s all connected! And his friend, Chester Bennington, another late rocker who struggled with depression, found out the truth. Another one rubbed out by the elites.

The internet is the epicentre of human intellectual endeavour and the most dismal repository of its waste. For every journalist reporting the truth about the horrors of Assad’s regime, there is an equally diligent hack defending his genocide. For every scientist trying to understand the complexity of human biochemistry, there is a snake-oil salesman trying to sell you a miracle powder. And for every intellectual, there is a dishonest propagandist trying to “red-pill” you. It’s our job to figure out who’s worth our time. Most of us are failing.

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  1. Lumping Alex Jones and Seymour Hersch, a Pulizter Prize winner, together is dishonest. Seymour Hersch disclosed the atrocities of the Vietnam War (Mai Lai Massacre), the Abu Ghraib Scandal in Iraq, and many others. I will certainly take Hersch’s word over the skepticism of an online blogger. Hersch correctly noted the Sarin Gas attacks were not made by the Syrian government. Instead, those attacks emanated from the rebels themselves to draw the US into the conflict on their side. The NY Times later had to retract their previous stories on the subject. I noticed that you did not show Julian Assange’s clip implying Seth Rich was the leaker. I think that that piece of evidence would be relevant to your readers. I also noted that you did not disclose what Seymour Hersch said regarding his source and the details of his conversation. Please study a topic before blogging about it and misinforming readers.

    • The point of this bog is not to debunk the silly conspiracies about the murder of Seth Rich and the legitimacy of the Russian scandal.

      This blog s aimed at the already skepictally-minded folk to point out where we must focus our attention and whom we should focus on. This is not a refutation aimed at you, more-so it is about someone like you. This is something for ’the debunkers’. And, of course, the immorality of the alt-right who stand behind the bodies of the dead for political purposes.

      Clearly, you do not fall into the camp I am addressing. I likewise do not feel I needed to put in the information you mention that attempts to validate obvious frauds. Debunking the Seth Rich conspiracy would probably not be worth posting on here for the same reason 9/11 is not worth debunking on here; it has been done before. And people like Mick West do an excellent job of going into every single detail of such conspiracies.

      And Seymour Hersh has a decent reputation – thus ‘ a supposedly legitimate’ journalist. But no amount of good reporting in the past undoes the damage done by indulging conspiracy theories and spreading obvious lies. Moreover, he has not proven that the Sarin attacks were orchestrated by rebels.

      http://al-bab.com/blog/2017/07/did-syrian-rebels-acquire-sarin-if-so-how This goes into how unlikely it is the rebels committed the attacks. And almost no experts agree with Hersh.

  2. Kennedy assassination, 911, Rich, Pizzagate etc etc conspiracy theories are as popular on the left as on the right, you ought to know that. Maybe you think that center rightists like the clintonistas are left? They have their own conspiracy theories, one of which is called Russia Russia Russia. You don’t mention it, are you unconcerned about it? It’s the most dangerous one. Assad may or may not have done many things he has been accused of, but we know for certain of the criminal aggression the US has committed against Syria. Also not worth mentioning. Of course not, because it isn’t s conspiracy theory, it’s real. I don’t follow you so I don’t if you limit your outrage only to things that didn’t happen. I hope not.

    • I wouldn’t say they are equally popular on the left. But, yes, a great many far-left lunatics believe in conspiracies, too. The main promoters in the U.S. are on the right – the alt-right specifically.

      The Russia INVESTIGATION is constantly gaining new information. The Senate intelligence committee – including both republicans and democrats – will come to its own conclusions based upon such evidence. Comparing the Russia investigation to baseless conspiracy theories is really apples to oranges. One is working with evidence, the other is a crackpot theory.

      It’s also very common to see the apologetics of “Assad may or may not have done this but WE KNOW the US is a monster” – now that is a common trope of the far-left as well.

      • The conspiracy theory of the cis-white patriarchy is foundational for the left, the left has nothing left without that.

  3. Only non-mainstream sources even mention the existence of the Hersh audio, so it must be part of a conspiracy? I don’t follow your logic. Don’t investigate anything if it might “hurt” someone? That’s quite a curiosity you’ve got there.

    • No. I am starting from the point of saying it is not true, because I know, like most thinking people, it is not true. I likewise know there is no evidence good enough for the conspiracy theorist thus I am not playing the debunking game on this blog. I am informing others of the existence and the danger of these immoral actors and their historical precedent, albeit briefly.

      More specifically, the Seth Rich case is a fringe crackpot theory propagated by frauds that exploits the dead for political gain. Seth Rich was not a public person. His family have asked people telling the lies about him to stop. They refuse. They exploit the dead and skeptics have a duty to call these people out.

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