“Read the Quran”: Wife of Vice President of India, Salma Ansari, Speaks Out on Triple Talaq


The Times of India reported that the vice president Hamid Ansari’s wife, Salma Ansari, asserted that she could find no reference to “triple talaq” in the holy scripture.

Salma Ansari’s views on triple talaq come at a time when there is a nationwide debate on the practice and the validity of triple talaq, ‘nikah halala’ and polygamy practices among Muslims challenged in the Supreme Court.

“‘There is nothing like triple talaq in the Quran and women in India are being misguided over the issue,’ Salma said while addressing an event in Aligarh’s Madarsa at Civil Lines here on Saturday. ‘Read the holy scripture to clear your doubts,’ she advised.”

The wife “exhorted women to read the Quran” and further affirmed the fact that within the “holy scripture” there is no practice or justification for the practice within the text. Some of her comments have been “hailed by Muslim women, particularly the educated ones.”

“Zakia Soman, co-founder of the Bhartiya Muslim Morcha Andolan (BMMA), said that Salma Ansari is absolutely correct as the Quran has no mention of triple talaq.”

That is, they want this to be finished and done with and no longer part of the culture. Even further, she did raise doubts about some interpretations of the holy text and that women should not take things in the text for granted, within the Quran.

Furthermore, the issue has been “unnecessarily” fabricated during the developmental periods up to the present of Islam. In response to the question of divorce, Ansari stated that the statement three times of Talaq does not necessarily have any meaning to her.

“She said that women who fall victim to this practice have no option but to live with it, as Maulanas and Qazis support it. She said Salma Ansari should use her position to spread this word and save Muslim women from harassment.”

Dr Shadab Bano, assistant professor in History department, Aligarh Muslim University has stated that the practice is in fact un-Islamic and regrets the fact that the practices have become very common among Muslims and men against women, especially as the men can use this to their advantage over women.

By implication, this can be seen as a form of oppression overtly in the marital sphere against women and for men in this sphere of life, which apparently does not have an existence in the holy Scripture.

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