China Invests in Science Initiatives



China has invested several billion yuan in science initiatives in 2016 on topics including, “brain science, new materials, advanced manufacturing,  quantum communication, robots, and information security,” according to the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

41,184 programmes have been financed in science in 2016 alone in China. The total amounts to approximately 22.7 billion yuan or 3.3 billion US dollars. The programmes can include such esoteric physics and cosmological topics such as gravitational waves.

The NSFC was the funder for these 41,184 programmes. Yang Wei, the head of the NSFC, noted that the foundation has also launched several research projects to deal with, for instance, “cognitive robotics,” as well as, several foundational programmes of science noted at the outset.

These are some of the more important topics to be researching because these influence all areas of science. They work from the bottom level of knowledge. If you can discover something about the lowest level of the scientific topic, then you can use these basic principles that are newly discovered to influence the higher-level aspects of science projects.

Not only this, there are numerous other topics that have been deeply invested in China for their science, which means that China and its associated leaders in these areas of the government understand that the appropriate investment in science is the wave of the future.

Wei also noted that about 91 people and 33 programmes have been punished for misconduct. The people were punished and the programmes were revoked in 2016.

So, not only is this funding being broadly spent on a variety of topics, it is being enforced in a way to “improve the research integrity system, ensure fairness and promote innovation,” Wei said.

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