Second San Bernardino Shooting in 2 Years

According to the San Bernardino Sun, the police are investigating the shooting that took place near the elementary school in California. There are 3 dead and a wounded student from the shooting that was a murder-suicide. In that, the shooter shot three people, injuring one, and killed himself.

This is “less than 18 months after San Bernardino was hit by terrorist attack.” It was a cop from the Redlands that had assisted in the take-down of the attackers. The recent attack was on a teacher who was gunned down, with two children critically wounded in the murder-suicide on Monday.

“Redlands Sgt. Andy Capps, who took part in the Dec. 2 shootout that killed the suspects after they fired at him and other pursuing police, said his first reaction was to be glad the school shooting wasn’t any worse than what had then been reported — that two adults were dead and two children injured,” the San Bernardino Sun reported.

One death was a teacher, aged 53, who was fatally shot. Another was a student that was 8-years-old. The teacher who was 53 was Karen Elaine Smith that was murdered by an estranged husband named Cedric Anderson from Riverside, California.

“Both deadly attacks in San Bernardino were shootings. The Dec. 2 attack left 57 survivors, with 22 shot. Martinez and an unidentified 9-year-old boy were critically injured at the school Monday. Martinez was flown to Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he died.”

This was based on the San Bernardino police making an open, public statement in a recent press conference. In the December 2, 2015 attack, there were 14 people killed with police and armed security guards on standby. One survivor from the 2015 attack, after the recent attack, stated that they felt a bit of remorse because some individuals do not seem to learn from terrorist attacks and mass shootings ongoing both “in United States and around the world.”

A San Bernardino County prosecutor said, “For some reason men — and it always seems to be men — can’t let go of a woman that says, ‘No,’” he said. “Sounds like she made the right choice to leave this guy.”

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