South Korea Going Greener with New Charging Stations

South Korea will be expediting the building of 200 charging stations to continue the ‘greening’ of the country. That is, the charging stations will be for “green cars.”

That means the charging stations and the cars that they charge will be operating on electricity with electric fuel cells and liquefied petroleum gas by 2025. There are ongoing discussions amongst legislators and there is preparation for the revision of bills for this too.

“The Ministry of Land Transport is set to unveil plans to open multipurpose service areas for motorists driving green cars at a roundtable discussion to be held Friday together with the National Assembly and the ministries of environment and commerce.”

The government intends to provide the business opportunities for “private operators for the next 30 years.” This will be the basis for the station development in the beltways and highways throughout South Korea.

Each station will come with a hydrogen charger and another for the upcoming pure electric vehicles, according to an official from the Ministry of Land and Transport. This is part of a South Korean government plan of development of the fuel cells that will reduce the amount of net emissions, or the reduction of fossil fuel use in transports with these fuel cells.

Kang Ho-in, the Transport Minister for South Korea, reported that the other ministries in the relevant areas of the government in addition to legislators will be working together to implement this long-term plan for the future of transport.

It could be the basis for a slew of new job opportunities in the “hydrogen technology” sectors. “Establishing infrastructure such as charging stations and supporting R&D projects on green energy are part of promoting the new technology, officials said.”

In order to deal with the upcoming and ongoing challenges of climate change, this greening of the transportation of the country is something the government of South Korea believes will “help the nation to better deal with climate change as well as micro dust pollution.”

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