The Upcoming Era of the Edible Drone

Credit: World Bank.

Magdalena Mis reported through the World Economic Forum (WEF), originally through the World Bank, that there is a new type of drone that is in fact, edible. That’s right, eatable.

These “edible drones” could be used for humanitarian purposes, such as being, “filled with food, water or medicine” for the purposes of humanitarian emergencies. Areas that are difficult to reach by other means could have supplies delivered via drones, which could be a major benefit to humanitarian efforts trying to reach those remote areas.

It should be noted that over 50 kg of food can be stocked inside the edible drones, only costing 150 British pounds. Additionally, the drones could deliver “supplies to feed up to 50 people per day” and the prototype is mostly made of wood. Thus, the edible drone will be the post-prototype version of the drone, by implication.

In the report, there were notes to some of the most dangerous areas of the world today, in terms of war or combat, such as Aleppo and the Islamic State or ISIS. An ex-army catering officer and the founder of Windhorse Aerospace in the UK, Nigel Gifford, said, “Food can be component to build things.”

Gifford continued, “You fly (the drone) and then eat it…In combat zones like we have in Aleppo or Mosul nothing will work except what we have…With parachuted air drops the problem is you can’t guarantee where the loads will land.”

Gifford and the team are waiting for the appropriate financing for the full experimentation of the idea of the edible drone. Windhorse Aerospace presented the idea to the aid minister of Britain, Priti Patel, and “initial testing” is expected “in May and should be ready to be deployed on its first mission by the end of the year.”

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