Terror and Repression In Nicaragua – Living When Death May Come Anytime

Nicaragua is gripped by protests and catastrophic levels of violence. This insider’s account highlights to the rest of the world the extent of the crisis. Editors Note: This account relates to the ongoing campaign of terror and brutality being visited upon Nicaraguans, suffering under the brutal repression of protests by President Daniel Ortega. Demonstrations first […] Read more

Universal Pharmacare Coverage: Perspective from the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

There are few downsides to a Universal Pharmacare programme, as Professor Gordon Guyatt, university professor and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences points out. Scott Douglas Jacobsen: Who does or would benefit from universal pharmacare coverage? I ask these questions because of the conversation in Canada at the moment. Canada has a national […] Read more

Why Jihadists Strike During Ramadan

Violent acts of jihadist terrorism during Ramadan, though newly popularized by IS (ISIS), have deeper and older theological roots  The holy month of Ramadan has for decades in the West been seized upon as an opportunity to reject division and promote interfaith dialogue-a month of peace. Celebratory White House and Downing Street iftars are commonplace […] Read more