Uncommon Ground Contributor Lucas Lynch

Editor-in-Chief of Conatus News. Lucas is also a writer and podcaster, with interests in science, religion and politics.

Articles by Lucas Lynch:

Learning Uncomfortably: An Interview with Zach Wood of ‘Uncomfortable Learning’

Conatus News Editor-In-Chief Lucas Lynch spoke with Zach Wood of ‘Uncomfortable Learning’ on the Schism Podcast on the importance of honest engagement with dangerous ideas. A few weeks ago, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Zach Wood, a recent graduate of Williams College, where he was the president of “Uncomfortable […] Read more

The Fallacy of “Woke Anti-Science”

The claim that science is inherently untrustworthy because of past errors is fallacious and shows a lack of understanding of the scientific method. “Remember, science can’t be trusted because of the history of phrenology and eugenics”. Strange how nobody thinks science can’t be trusted because scientists once posited the existence of “ether” – the imagined […] Read more

The “Social Justice” Reaction to Joseph Kennedy III Spells Trouble for Democrats

Reactions to Joseph Kennedy III’s response to President Trump’s State of the Union address highlight ongoing divides within the Democratic Party. After President Trump delivered one of the lengthiest State of the Union speeches in recent history, Joseph Kennedy III gave the Democratic Response in an auto shop at the Diman Regional Technical School in […] Read more

ISIS Suicide Bombing In Kabul Kills Dozens

The Islamic State (ISIS) carried out a series of suicide bombings near a Shia cultural centre in Kabul, Afghanistan earlier today, killing dozens. Islamic State (IS) militants have been linked to a series of suicide bomb blasts at a Shi’ite cultural centre in Kabul, Afghanistan, which has left at least 40 dead and dozens more […] Read more