Drought, Water, Water Scarcity

Confronting The World’s Water Crises

September 3, 2018 Scott Davies 0

The shortage of water around the world increasingly presents a geopolitical and security issue as well as an environmental one. Across the world, record heatwaves, dry seasons and unseasonable warmth

Gonski 2.0, Malcolm Turnbull, Simon Birmingham
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The Missed Opportunity of Gonski 2.0

May 1, 2018 Scott Davies 0

The Gonski 2.0 report is a missed opportunity which doubles down on what has caused declining achievement standards in Australian education. On Monday morning in Australia, the much-anticipated Review to Achieve

Regulation, Occupational Licensing, Red Tape

When Bad Regulation Stops You From Earning

April 17, 2018 Scott Davies 0

Many occupational licensing laws, though made with the best intentions, place unnecessary barriers to entering the workforce and need a rethink. Occupational licensing is a hot topic among economists, policy