UGM announces: Living on the Hill and Material Humanism

The launch of our new website along with two associated subsites aims to improve navigation and accessibility for our readers.

Those of you familiar with Uncommon Ground may have noticed a lack of activity from our publication for some time. We have been working in the background to restore content lost during a server crash last year. This crash was exacerbated by the hastily assembled nature of the original website. 

In the meantime, we have invested a considerable amount of our personal finances in order to hire a professional website developer. Not only have we managed to restore the vast majority of lost content to our site – we have built, from the ground up, a new platform focused on user experience and additional support for our many authors. 

Uncommon Ground Media is branching off into two distinct brands: Living on the Hill, for a steady stream of content including news, reviews and commentary, and Material Humanism, for in-depth analysis and research.

Living on the Hill stems from the phrase put to a number of people recently; “Is this really the hill you want to die on?”. Our response is a resounding no! We have no intention of dying here. Instead we will live and celebrate life – even when we find ourselves surrounded and besieged. 

Material Humanism is named for the type of content which has come to define Uncommon Ground’s long-form articles. Materialist – grounded in rationality and an uncompromising commitment to the idea of external reality. Humanist – compassionate, liberationary and universalist. Updates to this subsite will, by their nature, be less regular, but each article will take a considerably longer time to read and digest.

Our new site design should make navigation – and choice of content – far easier for our readers. You can choose to bookmark one or both of our subsites or stick with the Uncommon Ground homepage to access articles from either site. We have also updated our search functionality alongside an innovative tag system which should allow for very precisely defined searches.

Furthermore, we have introduced a new feature to encourage donations directly to our authors. On each article, as well as on every participating author’s individual page, you will be presented with one or more donation links – either to the author themselves, or to their chosen causes. 

This is just a brief overview of what the new Uncommon Ground website has in store for you – we are confident that as you navigate through, you will agree that it is a remarkable improvement from our previous design.

Dan Fisher is the Editor-in-Chief for Uncommon Ground Media.

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