A Rebuttal to Ms Black & Ms. Rayner: Anti-feminist Politicians with Lazy Thinking? Part I.

Politicians Angela Rayner and Mhairi Black have denied the relevance of biological sex to the protection of women’s rights. Dr Em responds.

Feminism isn’t a brand or consumer item Ms Rayner, it is not a tote bag. It is a political analysis and theory for women’s liberation. What you subscribe to is the anti-feminist backlash cleverly repackaged. You argue that women’s oppression is natural and innate in the form of gender. If clothes are indeed magical and can override biological reality then are you saying women are discriminated against because of what they are wearing? Why are women facing a global epidemic of rape and femicide?1 If sex is unimportant, then what do you propose is the answer? Are 11–13 women raped per hour in England and Wales because of how they present their identity?2 Why do you believe that biology and evolution are junk science? That in fact sex is socially constructed through words? Why do you think that same-sex attraction is not real and people are in fact attracted to clothes and fashion tastes instead? That lesbians are bigots? Why do you endorse an ideology that teaches children that they are born wrong if they do not conform to sex role stereotypes and must be medically fixed? Ms Rayner and co, why are you pretending that you don’t think sex exists and believe evolution to be bunk science? Why are you denying reality? If it is to be kind, then who are you being kind to and at the expense of whom? I think the truth is ultimately kinder and you are being kind to men at the expense of women and girls. Why are you of the opinion that females in the U.K. do not deserve the protections enshrined in the Human Rights Act 1998, do you think women are sub-human? Why do you wish to remove sex and sexual orientation protections from the Equality Act 2010? Why do you demand the dismantling of UNCEDAW and UNCRC in the U.K.? If you think ‘I don’t support any of that’, then you don’t really support transgender ideology.

I am fighting this because I actually love my sisters. I will not let women’s rights be destroyed and sexist whack-a-doodle triumph. It is already impacting upon the most vulnerable of my sisters. Those in school, deprived of feminism and their own histories, those in prisons, in refuges, in hospital. I will not let the age of informed consent be whittled away, I will not watch on in silence as children are harmed and lives are destroyed. I will not stand silently as child safeguarding is dismantled, grooming is normalised and turn a blind eye to the attempted normalisation of paedophilia.


I will not watch homophobia succeed.3 Same-sex attraction is real and fantastic. I will not allow freedom of thought and speech to be eroded, I cannot allow academia and academic credibility to be undermined by nonsense constructed to push a men’s sexual rights agenda.

I believe we are at a cross-roads in history where that hypothetical question of ‘what would you have done?’ is to be answered. This ideology is dangerous and hate filled, it dehumanise one half of the human race and declares submit or threatens death. We have all read the threats — ’die TERF’, ‘die in a fire’ etc.1 We have been promised Gulags and re-education camps.

Violence against women because of their existence and thoughts is being publicly glorified.

Homophobia and male violence against women are being cast as progressive and women’s boundaries as bigotry. It is porn fuelled rape culture. Women do not exist to please men, only to please themselves.

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