Derrick Jensen: Queer Theory Paedophilia Jeopardy – Banned from Youtube

Derrick Jensen of Deep Green Resistance exposed the links between queer theory and paedophilia. Now the video has been banned from YouTube. Watch it here.

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  • Posted by Deb Thompson

    26 May, 2020 at 8:50 am

    The word 'Pederast' is missing a lot from public use all to much; Namely because it is specific to males who have a sexual attraction to young prepubescent boys as well as post pubescent boys.The word is un-mistakenly to describe male homosexual sex acts/rape of vulnerable young boys under the age of consent,able to be manipulated,coerced,intimidated bribed threatened into receiving or performing homsexual sex acts. The word 'Pedophile'has a different meaning and doesn't cover entirely the covert acts of an adult male who specifically prefers young boys. It would be prudent to in the future to use the word so it is undeniably specific to the acts of what adults males do especially as it is specific to "male queer theorist" and and has been for decades.Remembering males do hate being singled out for any wrong doing in the first place especially for crimes committed against others, particularly young boys. As I said this word is specific to the act of the crime of rape as no boy under age can consent to homosexual sex.Please think about this !

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