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Givebutter Silences Women During Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour

Cowardly Corporation Givebutter Prioritizes Gender Over the Sex-Based Rights of Women and Girls 

Fundraising platform Givebutter banned the account of UK-based women’s rights activist, Kellie-Jay Keen in the middle of her Let Women Speak 2022 USA free speech tour, which began last month in Los Angeles. She has been previously banned by Crowdfunder, GofundMe, Patreon, Mumsnet, Twitter, and Change.org.

The Standing for Women founder was told the company “regularly reviews accounts on Givebutter to ensure compliance with our terms of service, including the terms of our payment processor, Stripe, and their definition of restricted businesses…our Content Moderation Team has determined that we are unable to support your usage of the Givebutter platform and will need to deactivate your account.”

Givebutter’s community guidelines state users must not use the service with the explicit purpose or involvement of: “Hate, discrimination, and harassment: content that we deem, in our sole discretion, to be in support of hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or mental, physical, or other medical conditions.”

Ironically, any harassment, violence and hate against protected groups during Keen’s tour has come from opposition. In Tacoma last week, a man was arrested for breaking two fingers of disabled, lesbian activist, April Morrow, founder of Sovereign Women Speak. A Portland event was canceled when Anitfa Leader, Isabel Arauja – a trans-identified male whose birth name is Philip Haskins-Delici – used CashApp and Venmo to raise funds to purchase a baton, knife, mace and other weapons to hurt women. CashApp and Venmo did not shut Arauja down.  

Last month, Eventbrite “canceled” and removed Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour event listings, stating they did not “comply with [its] community guidelines.” They did the same with two showings of Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a Woman?” claiming the event promoted “hate.” Last week they pulled tickets for a UK gender-critical event hosted by barrister Sarah Phillimore and comedy writer Graham Linehan, claiming the event promoted “dangerous” views.

Also routinely censoring free speech is PayPal. This year, the company banned evolutionary biologist and writer Colin Wright, Consortium News, Mint Press, journalist Ian Miles Cheong, Free Speech Union and The Daily Sceptic. Last month, they were forced to walk back intentions to fine customers $2,500 for “misinformation” infractions.

“I am frankly staggered that no one has courage against these powerful, violent fascists masquerading as an oppressed group. The land of the free is sadly no more. It’s the land of kneeling to the whim of a quasi-religious, child-butchering cult.” – Kellie-Jay Keen, Founder of Standing for Women.

The Let Women Speak 2022 USA Tour visits Loudoun County, Virginia this week. In 2022, a “gender-fluid” teen boy was found guilty of sexual assault of two girls in separate incidents – one in a bathroom and the other in a classroom – which were covered up by local officials.

The tour is a public record of efforts by American women’s rights activists to inform the public of direct conflicts between gender ideology and sex-based rights. Each live-streamed event will be filmed for an upcoming documentary produced by Standing For Women. Topics covered will include the medicalization and mutilation of children, the impacts of Self ID policies on single-sex spaces (prisons, rape crisis centres, locker rooms, etc), the removal of child safeguarding, the erasure of homosexuality, and fairness/safety in sport.  

Remaining Tour Dates (all times local):

Nov 3, Loudoun County, VA. Noon. Loudoun County Gov Bldg. 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg

Nov 5, Miami, FL: Time and Location TBA.

Nov 7, Washington, DC: Time and Location TBA.

Nov 13, Philadelphia, PA: Time and Location TBA.

Nov 14, New York City, NY: Time and Location TBA.

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