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Video: Far-Right Protesters Tussle With Police at “Silent” Rally in Manchester Led by Tommy Robinson

  • Hundreds of Far-Right protesters from the group UK Against Hate gathered in Manchester on Sunday afternoon to carry out the ‘silent’ protest
  • The group is led by former EDL leader Tommy Robinson
  • The protest, organised as a response to Manchester’s terror attack, turned violent after some members of the group brawled with police
  • Marchers also clashed with inflamed ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators.
  • One of the protesters brandished a pig’s head, while other Far-Right protesters took bites out of it
  • A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said the protest ‘turned nasty’ and advised people to avoid the area

Far-Right protesters tussled with police in Manchester in demonstrations against the recent terror attack in the city.

The ‘silent’ rally, organised by ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson, quickly descended into a skirmish, with various police officers shoved to the ground and eight people arrested for offences against public order.

The protest was in response to the terror attack in Manchester a couple of weeks ago, when Salman Abedi, 22, committed a suicide bomb attack after an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena and killed 22 people – including children.

The Far-Right protesters marched from Piccadilly train station to Piccadilly Gardens, waving giant England flags and jeering.

Members of the public were asked to avoid the area as officers confronted the protesters.

(Image: Joel Goodman/LNP)
One of the protesters brandished a pig’s head – a vile taunt towards Muslims, who are forbidden from eating pork (Image: UK News Media)
A man eats part of a pig’s head during a demo in Manchester city centre (Image: UK NEWS MEDIA)
Police tussled with protesters in an attempt to keep the peace (Image: London News Pictures)
Over 400 police officers were deployed (Image: SWNS/South West News Service)
The far-right protesters clashed with far-left activists (Image: London News Pictures)
Hundreds of far-right protestors (pictured) arrived in Manchester at 2pm on Sunday afternoon to protest the attack in the city (Image: Joel Goodman/LNP)
The march erupted into scenes of violence when some of the Far-Right nationalists tussled with the police
(Image: Benjamin Paul/ SWNS)

Chief Superintendent John O’Hare of Greater Manchester Police said: “This has been an incredibly challenging day with thousands of people attending Manchester City Centre for the protest.

“I understand that these events are very emotive and that tensions run high when there are polarised views and counter-protests”

“Our City has been through a lot over the last few weeks and I know there were people opposed to the event taking place.”

“We have worked closely with Manchester City Council, our key partners and the wider community to find the most effective way to facilitate and manage this protest in a balanced and safe manner.”

O’Hare also said:

“In order to ensure we could deliver a safe operation we deployed over 400 police officers, including support from other forces.”

“This meant another busy weekend for our people who have worked considerably long hours in extremely challenging circumstances for no other reason other than to look after our communities.”

“There have been 8 arrests for public order offences, which is not uncommon for a demonstration of this size.”

“It was pleasing to see that this protest did not stop the people of Manchester from going about their normal Sunday activities.”


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