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Women’s Liberation Front: I Will Not Be Forced to Lie. I Will Not Submit

Natasha Chart spoke outside the Supreme Court during the Detroit Funeral Home hearing. This is what she had to say.

Some discrepancies between the text and her full speech may occur.

I’ve been told I’m not a nice, inclusive person for saying the law needs to be able to recognize sex. And not just me, but all the women who don’t believe that human beings can change sex. We’ve even been accused of perpetuating genocide.

It’s funny because five years ago, I first started seeing that lesbians were being publicly shamed, sexually harassed, and demonized, by straight men calling themselves lesbians. These men also tended to call themselves progressive feminists, and indispensable to the women’s movement.

Everyone could see this behavior but they always got away with it. I didn’t think, and still don’t, that sexually harassing lesbians is a good way to be inclusive. So I objected. It’s a firing offense on today’s left to complain about men sexually harassing lesbians, if that man says he feels like a lesbian. That harassment still goes on. If anything, it’s worse. Women share shocking screenshots from lesbian dating apps, which are now full of men. These men have started getting women’s profiles suspended for refusing to play along with the lie that men can be lesbians.

Across social media, women’s accounts and access to public conversations is permanently under surveillance for offense against men claiming to be women, with catastrophic penalties for refusing to lie for them. Is that nice behavior?

I saw that President Obama made several moves to end single-sex facilities for women and girls through executive branch orders and funding threats. His administration, and now the entire Democratic congressional caucus, made a point of insisting on an end to women’s rights to bodily privacy from men whenever we were outside of our homes. If a woman complains that a man has dropped his trousers in front of her at a job, the left will shout, “MeToo,” in solidarity, and he’ll be cancelled. If a woman complains because he drops his trousers in front of her at the gym, in the women’s changing rooms, because he says he feels like a woman, they’ll cancel her.

Is that kind? Was it inclusive when all the women who objected were fired? Women are still being fired if they dare to say anything against this, anywhere on the left. Some of us may be fired for the offense of appearing at this gathering today. None of the women at liberal organizations can say no to this agenda or their peers will destroy them, and that makes their consent to this — their support for it — as meaningful as a hostage statement.

Last night, a woman wrote to me, a progressive reporter who is outspoken and not shy to hold unpopular opinions, to ask for a quote for this case. And after she got my reply, she said to me, she wrote, “I just met Aimee as she prepares for tomorrow. She is a woman.” And I asked her, “In what way is Stephens a woman?” And she said, and I quote, “It’s not a matter of what I think.”

And I’m here for her today, even though she probably really dislikes me. It is the right of all women to speak publicly and be able to petition our government for the redress of our grievances and be able to participate openly in the public sphere. I have seen numerous women banned from social media for pointing out that gender transition treatments leave children sterile for life at ages where they can’t possibly consent to such permanent decisions. But a generation of quirky, stereotype-rejecting kids — many of whom would grow up to identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual, many of whom are autistic — are being sterilized as minors now.

The only crime that the left or social media companies recognize here is the crime of women objecting to the wholesale sterilization of vulnerable children. For that, we’re the ones who get accused of promoting genocide.

There are doctors in the US who will go to work today and oversee the chemical castration of little boys, who will put 14 year old girls into menopause, and give troubled young girls cosmetic mastectomies. I object. For that I’m considered dangerous. I’ve seen public calls for every type of harm against those of us who object to the end of women’s sex-based rights, or who object to the sterilization of children. To the people who say this, the only meaningful type of violence in the situation is my refusal to call a man, “she.”

Still others insist that it’s violent of me to associate with conservatives, in spite of the fact that gender activists associate with lots of conservatives, and I’ve never heard of any reckoning for that. It’s almost like women who say no to these men are just going to be wrong no matter what we do. Sisters, when a man puts you under constant surveillance, retaliates whenever you say no, huffs about being indispensable, makes you lie to spare his feelings, and always puts you in the wrong no matter what, that’s not a partnership, it’s abuse. Plan a way out before it gets worse. It will get worse. In closing, to echo my sisters in the UK, a man can never be a woman, a lesbian can never be male. My name is Natasha Chart, from New York State. I will not be forced to lie. I will not submit.

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  • Posted by Valerie Smith

    13 October, 2019 at 8:36 am

    This is such a well thought-out and articulated essay that I felt compelled to compliment the author. Thank you, Natasha, for so eloquently and bravely speaking the irrefutable truth that has so insidiously become verboten in this culture. Only by speaking out now can we possibly stop this Trojan Horse from completely destroying women's hard-earned gains.

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