Techno-Capitalism, Transgenderism and the Colonization of Female Biology

Under Techno-Capitalism, hatred of women is promoted in order to commodify female bodies and profit from women’s pain.

Jennifer Bilek publishes regularly on her blog The 11th Hour.

Most people probably think more about the liberating elements of technology than how it drives our servitude. We may think about the drawbacks of individual technological developments, but overall, we’re not thinking a lot about the unfettered growth of technology, its speed, complexity and its vast spread. As technology is sewn to unfettered capitalism it must grow or die.  It must breach new boundaries or wither. Techno-Capitalism, or technology as it is wedded to capitalism functions of its own accord now, driven by profit. The oppression and hatred of females has become part of this system, which continually magnifies it.    

In the 60’s and 70’s during the resurgence of a strong women’s liberation movement, women had a fighting chance to beat back against the systematized hatred of women. We rallied for physical autonomy, against rape, against the pornography industry. We shamed male writers casting us as sex objects in their novels and we had widespread media coverage of our views. We fought for equal pay for equal work. We dissected rigid sex stereotypes which subsequently successfully assimilated women and girls into the social fabric, into universities and the sciences, into professional sports and politics. But our oppression has been repackaged by a capitalist system, driven by almost unfathomable technological developments and is now being sold back to women as empowerment, liberation, and consumerist choice.  

The porn industry is worth billions annually. It endangers the lives of women and psychological health of men and children. It constantly seeks to create new and bizarre forms of titillation with women’s bodies (and now children’s) standing as the detritus. This industry that colonizes our objectified bodies and tosses them aside after abusing them, for profit, is driven by technology into every sphere of our cultures. This objectification of women’s biology – objectification entails hatred to sustain itself – is sewn to the global market with technology driving it at warp speed. Men buy and ingest this hatred and young boys learn from it. They grow up feeling entitled to women as objects because it is all around them, in the air they breathe. Young girls learn this hatred of themselves and play out all manner of psycho-social disorders to inflict pain on their sexed bodies. They cut their skin and starve themselves, which is seen as an aberration, a mental disease. Yet, when they graduate to selling their bodies for sex to pay college tuition and or to stay alive, selling their eggs for profit, selling their wombs as vessels for purchased babies, to feed their families and cut off their breasts so they can identify as men, these self-inflicted wounds, under the great god of techno-capitalism, become progressive.  

This body hatred is normalized by media, controlled by the same corporations profiting off women’s misery, to the point it is no longer even understood as hatred. This hatred driven by techno-capitalism looks like choice, even as it crawls across the globe, right under our noses, decimating women’s and girl’s lives. It looks like medical “help” when rich, white people can purchase a woman’s womb on the other side of the world so she can feed her family. The medical industrial complex (MIC) makes sure of the mother’s erasure in language and law: “surrogate,” while male sperm donors keep their parentage (read: humanity): fathers. 

As girls seek to have their healthy breasts removed in order to “identify” as men, or men buy women’s body “parts” to “identify” as females the world celebrates their bravery. The MIC supports this, buying the complicity of institutions to support the bravery narrative and driving that narrative into the global marketplace. This creates a new “gender identity” industry. The tech-controlled media, unrelenting in its message, drives the narrative into all our lives. Women’s bodies are a frontier to colonize.  

Journalist, @DrEm (on Twitter), has coined a term for the concept of “gender dysphoria” that young women are suddenly experiencing in vast numbers across the western world.  She thinks a more apt term, and I agree with her, is “Oppression Discomfort Disorder.” It clarifies what is really happening to young women. It takes the onus off individual women and puts it squarely back where it belongs, on society, specifically techno-capitalism. It externalizes the hatred women continually internalize.  @DrEm recently published a two-part article in Uncommon Ground Media about the sexist roots of transgenderism and how it has evolved. I have written over the years how this mythology has been organized by the MIC to drive surgeries, sales of pharmaceuticals, body dissociation as progressive and how this is opening markets.  

What we are witnessing, still, is the violation of female boundaries driven by techno-capitalism for the profit of men, sexually, mentally, materially and financially. This violation is being repackaged as progressive and sped up by techno-capitalism.  

As the MIC seeks to conquer the, as yet, impossible task of transplanting dead women’s wombs into men, it is time we take a stark look how these systems, all these industries, are linked by the techno-capitalist colonization of female biology for profit and who exactly is profiting.  

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Article Discussion

  • Posted by Jjcloud

    9 May, 2020 at 1:08 am

    Absolutely compelling. How to fight against this is the issue. What can be done? People eat up technology, pornography, the media, like candy. We have seen the power governments and big pharma have with the recent “pandemic”, who is to stop them?

  • Posted by Holly White

    8 May, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    Excellent article. Thank you Jennifer for all your hard work in exposing the truth about MIC.

  • Posted by kestrel sparhawk

    8 May, 2020 at 9:46 pm

    Great work as always, Jennifer. "Oppression discomfort disorder," while a legitimate term, somehow understates it to me: this is so far beyond discomfort. I also think of gender ideologues as displaying oppressor discomfort: their need to be called and seen as women is not just colonization, but an attempt to be marked as "not an oppressor" not by the discomforting work of not BEING one and not PROFITING from oppressing others, but by simple rewriting of the facts.

    • Posted by RositaAngulo Libre de Marulanda

      22 May, 2020 at 2:39 am

      The gender ideologues have also been termed as ¨gender refugees,¨ fleeing from toxic masculinity. However, erasing women is not liberating to anyone as they continue to be the oppressors.

  • Posted by Joy

    8 May, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    Exquisitely written. Thank you, Jennifer.

  • This article demonstrate why this is not a Far Right issue--this concerns all of us

  • Excellent work once again!

  • Excellent.

    • Posted by Zowie

      7 August, 2020 at 10:54 pm

      What, blog post is so disjointed it does not offer any new thinking points or make sound arguments. You describe people on your terms and not theirs and there are so many more nuanced argument than yours on techno bodies you should read and digest them See Harraway, Braidotti, all the somatechnic crew And so many more that do not make disconnected sweeping statement that is polemic rather than actualities.

      • Posted by Sandra Currie

        15 August, 2020 at 2:32 am

        Your disjointed response adds nothing to the discussion. Is hearing from de-transitioning people who realize they have been lied to not hearing from their position? I have yet to read a peer-reviewed, science based article refuting the claims made by Jennifer.

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