Why Women’s Rights Are Not “really unpleasant and harmful”: A Response to Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson called Graham Linehan ‘really unpleasant and harmful’ for calling attention to the erasure of female spaces. Dr Em responds.

Do you not think that any of this -the loss of our rights, language and the knowledge that we are not seen as having full humanity but are merely a costume- is ‘really unpleasant and harmful’ for women? Why do you think women’s oppression (gender) is natural and innate, are we just born wanting to be paid less and experience sexual harassment and rape at epidemic levels? Are you really arguing that it is because of what we are wearing? Gender is a hierarchical system of subjugation which places the male and masculine as dominant and the female as subservient. Why do you think women are born to serve men? That it is a natural inclination? Also, how do you propose we fight sexism if we deny the biological reality of sex? If I cannot define ‘women’ how can I fight for women’s liberation?

Furthermore, do you see no harm in the fact that the truth and a fundamental basis of reality is being deemed harmful and subject to social control and proposed state legislation? I am deeply worried by this turn, particularly in the context of the boom in the sex industry and a deepening global economic depression. Have you not noticed the correlation between those who attack feminists and claim ‘transwomen are women’ and those who support the sale of poor women for rape (‘woman’ can be defined when they are being bought & sold)?

I think it is the deepest cruelty to teach children that they are born wrong, creating a crumple of self-esteem and a disconnect with their bodies. Alongside this, safeguarding is being shredded. The 1st rule is that we do not keep secrets — this is out the window with trans identification. Adult males can now share sleeping accommodation, without parent’s knowing, with young females — see the Girl Guides policy. We are having an issue with adult males discussing breasts and genitals with young girls in online forums and over the phone, because it is cast as guidance from those older in the trans community or those providing binders.The age of informed consent is being whittled away at, if a child can consent to sterilisation and hormones at 12, then what about sex? I find it astonishing that children are making life changing decisions when, on the other hand, they aren’t allowed to pick their own breakfast.

This is all based on the misogynistic concept that sex stereotypes define ‘woman’ and clothes are magical, so magical in fact that they override biology. Why do you believe this? Or, do you believe that I am born with a lady brain while you have a man’s brain?

I wrote at length here concerning the topic of sex and social constructionism, it may help you understand the different positions and make an informed choice as to the one you will support.

Jon, could you also explain why you don’t think homosexuality and lesbianism is real and a valid sexual orientation? Lesbians are being coerced and pressured into sexual relationships with penises on the basis of what the penis-haver feels. How is this any different to corrective rape? You can download a study and evidence on this here.

Now you accused Graham Linehan of getting personal, well Jon, I’m ready to get personal. Please read my account of female only intimate care for disabled females and tell me my views are “really unpleasant and harmful”.

I look forward to hearing from you Jon, I believe you can do better and think this one through.

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