Book Reviews

How Hillary Lost to Trump

July 14, 2017 Daniel J. Levy 0

“Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” stands out as the first substantial book published on the subject, and probably one of the best

Arab, Spring, Egypt, Satire, Protest

Looking Back On The Arab Spring

May 6, 2017 Daniel J. Levy 0

Much has been written about the Arab Spring since 2011, when it seemed possible that democracy might just prevail over dictatorship and authoritarianism across the Middle East. However, Bassem Youssef’s


Book review: ISIS: A History

April 24, 2017 Daniel J. Levy 0

  Plenty has been written about the Islamic State since 2014, but the second edition of Fawaz Gerges’ profile of the group is particularly worthwhile. “ISIS: A History” tracks the