Uncommon Ground Contributor Katie Barker

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Articles by Katie Barker:

Struggles over Strategy Within The Women’s Suffrage Movement

The women's suffrage movement in the UK encompassed many individuals and organisations with differing views and strategies. What can we learn from this? Read more

Left-Wing Misogyny: Back With a Vengeance

There have always been misogynist views amongst men on the left. Those views have once again risen to the surface, no longer banished to the shadows. Read more

Nationalism and the Left: African Socialism

As part of examining the legacy of left-wing nationalism, Katie Barker and Dan Fisher look into the history of African Socialism. Read more

Putin’s Plan to Preserve Power: Restore Cold War Order

Russian designs on Belarus indicate that President Putin has no intention of ceding power when his term limit is up. Could the Soviet Union rise again? Read more

Flushing Women’s Toilets down the Pan – a Backwards Step

100 years ago, a lack of public women's toilets kept them confined to the home. Unisex facilities and self ID risk once again pushing women out. Read more

Erasing Women from the Abortion Debate

Recent attempts, successful or otherwise, to enact laws to restrict access to abortion in several US states have highlighted an issue that feminists and others critical of gender have been agitating about for years. Read more