“Smash Sh*t Up, It Works” – Lib Dem and Stonewall Advisor Sarah Brown

Lib Dem and Stonewall advisor Sarah Brown has publicly called for violence against people “trying to […] eradicate us from the public realm”.

Sarah Brown, formerly an elected Councillor for the Liberal Democrats and currently on Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group, has publicly declared that violence is acceptable against “people who have outright stated they want us dead”.

This would not be too concerning given a total absence of public calls for the deaths of transgender people, however, this absence leaves us wondering who exactly these alleged enemies are. Rather than being reassured such aggression would be meted out only to those members of the extreme far right who might actively call for the extermination of anyone they dislike, instead we have to wonder who it is that Sarah believes is calling for transgender deaths, and is therefore deserving of physical violence themselves. Given that Sarah appears to have a long history of sending abusive messages to gender critical feminists, we’d be forgiven for assuming that they are the intended target.

Sarah Brown is a member of the Trans Advisory Group of Stonewall, as well as being an active Liberal Democrat politician. The Liberal Democrats recently welcomed Aimee Challenor, who left the Green Party after coming under investigation for employing a sexual predator as a campaign agent. Aimee Challenor is also on the Trans Advisory Group of Stonewall alongside Sarah Brown.

Stonewall recently came under fire for misleading a number of corporations and government agencies into throwing their support behind an advert intended to influence a public consultation.

This month, a Liberal Democrat peer declared that those who support the existence of sex-based protections are not welcome in the party.

Previously, in 2014, Sarah Brown stoked controversy by tweeting abuse at members of the press after losing an electoral bid.

In an era of increasing political instability, it is vital to have voices advocating calm, moderation and reason. One might have expected the Liberal Democrats to take on that role, as they claimed to have fulfilled during the coalition government with the Conservative Party. Instead they seem determined to plunge themselves further into the extremes of postmodernism, in which preemptive violence is justifiable against ideological opponents and unstable individuals are allowed to wreak havoc on the grounds that their protected characteristics make them immune to criticism.

Update: This post was originally illustrated with a photo of Sarah Brown alongside Caron Lindsay of Liberal Democrat Voice, as well as several other trans activists and Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat President. We have removed the photo at Caron Lindsay’s request. We are glad to see that their site is ‘a neutral platform where the views of all members are welcome‘. Perhaps they will prove more welcoming to Liberal Democrats who hold views contrary to those of Sarah Brown and Lynne Featherstone.

Dan Fisher is the Editor-in-Chief for Uncommon Ground Media.

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