The Western-Centric Nature of Intersectional Feminism

Intersectional feminists fail Muslim women by valorising difference over shared humanity and overlooking or excusing abuse from their own communities. Many critics of intersectional feminism have accused its activists of not caring about the welfare of Muslim women. This is not straightforwardly true but it is easy to see why they get this impression. In […] Read more

Reproductive Health is a Human Right and is Under Attack

Co-authored with Scott Jacobsen The Global Gag rule, first introduced by Ronald Reagan in 1984, purportedly appeals to the value of human life when implementing laws regarding health care issues. The main course of action instigated by the Global Gag rule is defunding health care clinics around the world, restriction options for reproductive health care […] Read more

Why We Must Guarantee the Right to Live Freely

Lately, there has been some talk of a greater collaboration between progressives of various stripes from around the world. I wholeheartedly agree that more cooperation is necessary to fight back against reactionary forces across the globe. Nevertheless, there is often such a wide disparity of beliefs that it is hard to imagine more than the […] Read more