Unfortunately 100 is Small Pickings for Ramzan Kadyrov

LGBT activist groups and human rights watch organisations are uncovering the systematic targeting of homosexual men in Chechnya. Distressingly, there are reports of prison camps in which gay men are being murdered. Chechnya’s current leader, Kadyrov, has made a number of statements that could be interpreted as either utterly delusional, or duplicitous and poorly calculated. […] Read more

An Interview with Jim G. Helton – President of Tri-State Freethinkers

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: So many terms float around the Web, but they’re generally overlapping, such as secular humanist, bright, and so on. For the Tri-State Freethinkers, what is the definition of a freethinker? Basically, somebody who makes decisions using science, logic, and reason without dogma. How did you become a freethinker? It started with my […] Read more

Am I a Radical? Identity Problems in the Electric Generation

I’m 18 and in the car chatting to my mother, and she’s unusually quiet. She’s probably not listening to me as I’ve spent the last half an hour raving about my new friend Haleema’s coursework. She pulls into the drive and stares ahead, silent. “Maddie, I need to ask you something.” “I’m not pregnant, don’t […] Read more