Uncommon Ground Contributor Leo Igwe

Leo is a blogger, human-rights advocate and a Humanist from Nigeria.

Articles by Leo Igwe:

Beyond Humanism: Deconstructing the Human, Transhuman, and Posthuman in Africa and Beyond

Conceptions of transhumanism and posthumanism have been rooted in the material reality of the west, mistaking the specific for the universal. Where does this leave Africa? The Eleventh Beyond Humanism conference just ended in Lille, France. The program focused on critical posthumanism and transhumanism. The event brought together various scholars, activists, and artists who weighed […] Read more

Why Atheists Struggle to Come Out in Africa and Beyond

People who do not believe in God are the oldest and most persecuted minority in the world and still face great struggles in coming out. Atheists marked an international atheist day on March 23. This date has been set aside to highlight the struggles of atheists worldwide. People who do not believe in God are […] Read more