Andy Ngo's pals, Patriot Prayer

Andy Ngo and Quillette Are Hypocrites – All the More Reason to Defend Freedom

On Monday Night, Andy Ngo was revealed to have kept quiet while his Patriot Prayer allies planned violent confrontation with Antifa protesters.

Andy Ngo has been quietly removed from his position as an editor of Quillette as it was revealed he kept silent about political violence when it didn’t suit his agenda. Whether the timing is coincidental or not, and Claire Lehman has claimed that it was, it is just another in a string of embarrassing incidents which have occurred to Quillette recently.

Groups on the right like Quillette have recently claimed to care about freedom of speech, opposed political violence, and even made defences of women’s rights when it comes to the issue of transgenderism. 

Quliettte has already proven they will publish anything which suits their agenda – which is to attack the strawman of blank slateism in order to shore up a naturalistic view of social hierarchy

Does right wing hypocrisy on issues of free speech and political violence mean we should abandon the principles? On the contrary, we should double down, since we know they only care about protecting themselves. We have to be willing to defend the rights of people we despise. 

Human rights must be enjoyed by all, otherwise they are merely privileges. And while we despise Andy Ngo and Quillette – and we know they will not defend our rights when the time comes – we are still morally obligated to defend theirs. 

The right wing only makes a fuss about freedom of speech and political violence because much of the left has given up even a pretence of caring. We must double down and prove to people who do value such principles that we are sincere defenders of human rights for all. 

A twitter thread with videos exposing Andy Ngo’s complicity can be found here:

Dan Fisher is the Editor-in-Chief for Uncommon Ground Media.

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