Beth Brooke-Marciniak: Promoting “Inclusivity” at the Expense of Women’s Rights

The contradiction between Beth Brook-Marciniak’s advocacy for women’s rights and her support for ‘diversity and inclusion’ policies couldn’t be more stark.

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The political fight for male bodied people to define themselves as female, the systematic deconstruction of biological sex in language, law, on official documents, and in many of our institutions, in the name of “inclusiveness” has been at the forefront of western cultures for nearly a decade. “Gender Identity” and “Transgenderism,” for which “inclusiveness” has become corporate and institutional shorthand, have become common expressions, even if most people are still not sure exactly what they mean. The financial force being used by corporations, billionaire philanthropists and governments to dictate this deconstruction of sexual dimorphism in society cannot co-exist with women’s sex-based rights. They are mutually exclusive.

The World’s Most Powerful Woman in a World Without Females

No one exemplifies the contradiction of the current political fight for the institutionalization of “transgender” mythology and women’s sex-based rights, quite like Beth Brooke-Marciniak, named one of Forbes “World’s 100 Most Powerful Women” ten times.

As former head of public policy at the professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY), Brooke-Marciniak was responsible for helping to influence policies related to global capital markets. Formerly with the US Department of the Treasury, responsible for all tax policy matters related to insurance and managed care, playing roles in the healthcare reform and Superfund reform efforts, we can see how she earned such accolades.

Brooke-Marciniak serves on the board of Vital Voices Global Partnership, an American international, non-profit, that works with women leaders in the areas of economic empowerment, women’s political participation, and human rights. The organization is headquartered in Washington, D.C. She co-chairs the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership. She also sits on the boards of the Aspen Institute and the Women’s Advisory Board of the World Economic Forum. Her accomplishments for women’s promotion in society are vast and admirable.

As an out and married lesbian, Brooke-Marciniak has simultaneously used her power and influence to move forward the corporate agenda for LGBT diversity and inclusion. “Diversity and Inclusion” is a political agenda that has moved beyond the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals to have same-sex relationships while having their civil liberties protected within employment and social structures, to driving a biology-denying ideology using a civil-rights framework, through the culture. Under the banner of “gender identity” or LGBTQI+, a panoply of sexual disorders, fetishes, post-modern deconstructionism, and gender bending have been situated and conflated with LGB civil rights, in effort to deconstruct sexual dimorphism. This conflation is creating a vast array of identities divorced from sexual dimorphism, purportedly needing protection under the law, and more importantly, creating marketing opportunities for corporations and the medical industrial complex at the expense of women’s reality as one half of a sexually dimorphic species. If men can legally be women, then women cease to exist as a category. If female ceases to exist as one half of a sexually dimorphic species, then their ability to fight for their sex-based rights becomes null and void.

The Promotion of Female Athletes in a World Without Women

From such an accomplished background, one can see the fervor Brooke-Marciniak has for women’s sex-based social equality. Being a skilled sportswoman during her years at Purdue University, her interest in empowering other female athletes stands at the fore of her accomplishments and her writing. She has been inducted into the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame and received the Theodore Roosevelt Award, the top individual honor bestowed by the US National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In January 2019, Brooke-Marciniak was appointed to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee board of directors and began serving as an independent director.

In 2013, while at EY, Brooke-Marciniak founded Women Athletes Business Network (WABN), a unique program designed to assist elite female athletes seeking to make the transition from sport to successful careers in business and leadership. Simultaneously, she was also head of inclusiveness & diversity at the global firm, where she spearheaded the creation of their Corporate Responsibility group and promoted “gender identity mythology.” Six years later, Olympians Martina Navratilova and Sharron Davies had to make a concerted appeal to the Olympics, other sports organizations and the media, to get men out of women’s sports when stories were being printed and policies were being adopted that validated men as biological women.

In 2018 Brooke-Marciniak was named Global Advocate of the Year by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce for her work to champion LGBTI issues on a global scale. She is also Co-Chair for Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality, and sits on the board of Out Leadership, an organization driving “gender identity” mythology globally.

Brooke-Marciniak’s efforts for women’s empowerment within society and sports, alongside her work for acceptance of the biology-denying mythology of “gender identity,” expose the schism at the heart of “diversity and inclusion” policies. Brooke-Marciniak, and many like her, are caught in the conundrum that the current LGBTQI+ represents, especially how they cancel out the sex-based rights of females. You cannot protect sex-based rights, or rights based in same-sex attraction, while simultaneously deconstructing sex within the law.

The Inclusivity Schism of LGBTQI+

All Brooke-Mariciniak’s efforts to empower women disappear when women have to fight for their privacy, corporate, institutional, political and athletic positions anew, while men who claim to be women, insert themselves into those positions in the name of “gender identity.”

Women’s organizations and corporate products that serve women’s specific biological needs, such as midwives associations and family planning organizations, under financial coercion by the trans lobby, have erased the use of female to denote biologically female processes, such as breast-feeding, pregnancy, birth, abortion, menstruation, etc. Birth certificates can now be changed in many US states to adhere to a person’s feeling about themselves, overriding their actual biology. The same can be said for driver’s licenses. What is being erased by the “gender identity” movement, is sexual dimorphism, to be replaced by an individual’s relationships to sex stereotypes and how they want to be perceived by others.

Brooke-Marciniak and those she exemplifies, fighting simultaneously for women’s rights and “gender identity,” cannot have it both ways. Either women exist as one half of a sexually dimorphic species that are naturally and culturally vulnerable to the other half of this sexually dimorphic species because of their biology and their social standing, or sex and women do not exist and thereby need no protections, which would amount to a large-scale waste of time for Brooke-Marciniak and the pursuits she has mastered over the course of her life to assure women social and professional parity with men.

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