Now is the Time – Britain Must Stand Against Saudi Arabia

By Stephen Hawkins What kind of line must Saudi Arabia cross before Britain stops defending the regime and starts politically and economically isolating the state? There is a number of approaches when one poses the question of how Britain can deal with a state that consistently and persistently violates human rights, follows a fundamentally Islamist agenda, and […] Read more

The Blind Spot of Race: Are the Japanese Racially Privileged?

By Shozo Kamiya Considerations on the racial privileges of the Japanese shed light on the blind spot of the anti-racist literature with highly revolutionary implications. In recent literature concerning racism, the concept of “racial privilege” is increasingly adopted as an effective tool to analyse problematic social phenomena related to racism. Whilst It can certainly be […] Read more

Md. Sazzadul Hoque: A Call for Help for an Inhumane Persecution

Md. Sazzadul Hoque, a Bangladeshi blogger, human rights defender, and online activist, is in trouble. He is a member of the Humane First Movement and the founder of Here is his current status. For activist work and writing, Hoque has suffered on a number of levels, including receiving death threats. In 2017, he was […] Read more