No Compulsion in Religion?

Canadian blogger Abdullah Sameer posted a video on Facebook last Thursday that picked up around 70,000 views in less than 24 hours. The topic was bound to attract attention; Sameer’s video was a video diary on why he had made the decision to leave Islam.​ Sporting a large and characteristic South Asian beard, Sameer looked […] Read more

Secularism & Schism: Reformation, Enlightenment & the Birth of Islam

In today’s world of tumultuous politics, a burgeoning gulf is beginning to wedge opinion both internally and between the various parties. Yet I would hazard one feature of the contemporary world would unite both the left wing and liberals in astonishment; that of the return of politicised religion into the realm of global state affairs. […] Read more

Political Correctness is Bad: Discuss

2016. Trump is rising. Right-wing parties loom across Europe. Free expression is under threat. So why is a tree-hugging, lefty, feminist media-lawyer-type like me concerned about the left‘s problem with free speech? Should a cisgendered, white, straight, male even be writing about this? Join me, friends, as I take you through what I think political correctness […] Read more