The ‘DARVO’ Tactics of the Men’s Rights Activism Behind Transgenderism

Trans Rights Activists are just Men’s Rights Activists using the tactics of ‘DARVO’: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender.

We need to disavow ourselves of the idea that “transgenderism” is anything but a men’s rights activist (MRA) agenda using tools of manipulation to present themselves as victims. All the rights being openly fought for by TRAs are men’s rights to violate women’s rights and bodily integrity.

  • Men in women’s safe spaces and jails.
  • Men in women’s sports.
  • The erasure of females in language, including when it is language pertaining to our specific biology (even male-identifying women are made invisible behind beards and are virtually silent in society).
  • Men taking women’s scholarships in women’s universities.
  • Men taking women’s positions in women’s colleges.
  • Men taking women’s awards and accomplishments.
  • Men’s sexual and violent crimes being registered as female crimes, including pedophilia.
  • Men bullying, slandering, doxing, and getting women fired for calling out their massive gaslighting MRA campaign without any accountability.
  • Men not only speaking over women, or for women, but now speaking as women.
  • Men violating the physical integrity of female biology via technology.

In a very rapid and strange turn of events, this has all been promoted as social progress over the past decade.

There is an acronym designated specifically for this kind of abuse. It’s called DARVO. It refers to a reaction some perpetrators of wrong-doing, particularly sexual offenders, display in response to being held accountable for their behavior. It stands for Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. They deny their abuse, attack the victim in a way that creates a sense in the victim that they are the actual perpetrators. In short, it is gaslighting.


“Trans” rights activists have been screaming “transphobia” for six years now at anyone who doesn’t conform to the dictates of their agenda. This is classic DARVO gaslighting because the entire construct of “Trans” is a pathological fear of and an attempt to control biological reality. “Transgenderism” is the biophobic response to women’s ability to gestate and nurture new life in the species. Women exemplify the natural world.

“Transphobia” as it relates to individuals is non-existent because “trans” is a mythical ideology birthed in the bowels of technology and pharma. Without those elements, “transgenderism” does not exist in humans. It was constructed by sexist male doctors who objectified women. It is driven by men in the highest echelons of the tech and pharma industries. These men are posing as liberal do-gooders and hiding behind massively wealthy LGBT NGOs with seemingly unlimited power to reconstruct language, law, institutions, and reality – a reality without women, without sexual dimorphism. The state is deconstructing sex and wearing a rainbow flag while they do it and they are doing so for profit. This atrocity calling itself a civil rights movement is being deeply embedded in the marketplace, commodifying human sex as it breaches its boundaries and deconstructs it.

Science journals, universities, K-12 schools, religious organizations, journalists, teachers, politicians, governmental organizations, banks and corporations are all contorting themselves to adapt to this dystopian, mechanical ideology that is deconstructing sexual dimorphism and with it, women, via the threat of financial and social ruin.

Laws are being drafted and passed to support the changing or omission of sex on birth certificates, passports and driver’s licenses. Language is being changed throughout the culture that erase females, including by organizations specific to the care of our biology. Women purportedly no longer menstruate, “people” menstruate. Women no longer get pregnant, but “people” get pregnant. Couples where “men” are pregnant and their baby mommies have penises are flaunted in mainstream media as some sort of progressivism, while young women who’ve had voluntary double mastectomies of their healthy breasts are rolled out as beacons of the self-empowered. Children are being taught in grade schools they can be the opposite sex or no sex at all. People with disorders of sexual development are being used as political pawns to support this pharma/tech agenda of deconstructing sex.


We have gone very rapidly from the narrative of the poor dysphoric person trapped in the wrong body, to an enlightened lifestyle choice of using your body as a canvas of expression for the multiplicity of sex – the concept of sex as a spectrum. This is not progress. This is the same pathological need to control women men have exhibited over thousands of years, usually behind the robes of religion and now behind the scalpel of the medical industrial complex. Where once there were witches, women who healed & oversaw births, now there are TERFs. Any woman who dares to step forward and name this DARVO agenda for what it is, this male entitlement to women’s reproductive capacities, is being framed as aggressive, fearsome, loathsome, bigoted, hateful and in need of male tempering and control, when these men are the ones driving the financial threat and power to name and rearrange society – a society where women are being made invisible – while their MRA minions carry baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and a “trans” flag. These are DARVO tactics on a global scale. Women are not the offenders. This is men’s rights activism on steroids.

Sex is not a spectrum. There are two sexes that procreate to further the human species. Only females menstruate, gestate and give birth. We alone breast feed the young of our species and our biology is being robbed right from under us.

How Did This DARVO Agenda Take Root?

When the man at the very heart of the “transgender” project, Martine Rothblatt, who authored the first document to give legal structure to the lie of “transsexualism” (now rebranded by pharma and tech as “transgenderism”) believes that human sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid we need to take a strong look at who is abusing who here. Who are the real victims in the “transgender” agenda?

Rothblatt has been involved in the deepest recesses of technology, his entire adult life. He created GeoStar and WorldSpace after working for NASA at their tracking station, and is co-founder of Sirius XM radio. He had his hand in the human genome project at the UN level and was CEO of a major biotechnology corporation which he founded. He has a pig farm for harvesting animal organs for transplants into humans, so we might live forever with our parts being repeatedly replaced and owns a 3D organ printing corporation.

Rothblatt identified as transsexual before it was popular and had a rebranding. He has written extensively on the idea that we need to overhaul our system of labelling people as either male or female based only on their genitalia. He also identifies as transhuman and believes that transsexualism is the on-ramp to transhumanism. After being introduced to Kurzweil’s Singularity, he created his own transhumanist religion called Teresam. Rothblatt has also created a robot of his wife, Bina. The robot, Bina48 has his wife’s features, and purportedly has his wife Bina’s consciousness, which Rothblatt “installed.” When Bina speaks, it is Rothblatt pulling the tech strings and it is his intentions to download “Bina’s consciousness” into cyberspace one day. Did I mention that Bina is a black woman and Rothblatt is not black? That’s an entire issue unto itself.

So let’s recap: In less than 30 years since Rothblatt authored the first document to create a legal fiction that humans can change sex, he has written extensively about deconstructing sex, has literally worked very hard toward that end on the gene front as well as the “transgender” front, normalizing body dissociation within the culture, built a robot of his wife and added “her” consciousness to it, we are now facing a society that is claiming that sexual dimorphism is not real. Women are being erased in language specifically pertaining to our biological reproduction capacities, research on womb and uterus transplants for men (I wonder where those will come from!) is underway and fully sexually intact males can have anything they want, including the right to erase women from language and law. They have the right to have us call our male assailant a “she” in a court of law, along with other biological males who pretend to be females. They can take our sports and awards, encroach on our rights to physical safety, speak as us and have the entire populace jumping through hoops not to offend this purportedly tiny, marginalized subset of the population that no longer even has dysphoria, but simply “feels” like another sex of many.

We are dealing with a dangerous agenda. Movement is not the right word for what is happening here. Calling it a movement is more DARVO tactics. There are rich, powerful men driving this technological, biophobic, gaslighting, program across the globe and we are the victims. All of us are the victims. The tech gods have spoken and the sacrifice they want is your humanity – literally your physical sex. Are you going to give it to them without a fight?

Jennifer Bilek publishes regularly on her blog The 11th Hour.

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Article Discussion

  • Posted by FeistyAmazon

    6 June, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    Thank you for fighting the good fight Jennifer and educating the rest of us through your relentless research into who REALLY is behind it all, and most of all FUNDING IT. Big pharma, surgeons, psychologists, members of the tech industry, ect. Transhumanism is frightening beyond belief, along with superintelligent A.I. which even Elon Musk is against. Artificial male wombs and womb transplants into male bodies even greater extremes. Thanks for exposing Martine Rothblatt and there's Jennifer Pritzker too. As a Lesbian I been.up against male domination of our communities in the guise of trans " women" for at least 30 years....

  • Posted by Floriana

    31 May, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    Thank you for a powerful article. I sense here the righteous anger that many of us feel. 'Transgenderism' is a terrorist attack on nature and truth, and we should all be angry, and all be fighting it.

  • Posted by Eleanor Scott

    31 May, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    I’m only just waking up to all that is happening around this and frankly it terrifies me! Thanks for this and articulating how I’ve been feeling about it.

  • Posted by Vida Galore

    30 May, 2020 at 9:53 pm

    Brava, Jennifer! Hit it out of the park. We are not only being forced to accept their delusions, we are also losing all of our rights and sex-based protections that women fought for centuries to obtain in the first place. In addition, the TA has managed to infiltrate and destroy every progressive movement, by inserting themselves into it and then turning all attention on themselves, and off of the issues. So it is more than just an attack on women, it is also an attack on all groups fighting for any type of social, ecological or economical justice. A good example is how they infiltrated and are dismantling the Green Party, not only the US but UK and Canada.

    • Posted by Janet

      31 May, 2020 at 7:21 am

      This is the men's right to sex issue that has finally broken through under cover of a seemingly human rights issue. Men believe sex is a right. And one they will not be denied. This trans movement is all about sex and sexuality in a way that makes it seem legitimate that one's sexuality should be the most important aspect of a person's life and nobody has the right to deny you your sexuality, no matter what that is! It is entirely divorced from lesbian and gay rights yet it hitched it's wagon to that legitimate rights movement and is telling outright lies to make it appear the association has been going on for a lot longer. Witness the extreme lesphobia being fostered by gender ideology. The conflating of sex with gender is a deliberate attempt to convince people we have gender, not sex, and that gender is the science. We have men like Tatchell who have been seeking to sexualise children for decades jumping aboard. Your article is spot on. It's all about men's rights. Most specifically, a man's "right" to have sex with whoever, or whatever, he desires in whatever form he dictates without losing any social, financial of business advantage. Women are not a consideration, other than as a means to an end. Unfortunately for them they just can't keep it in their pants and the tried and true methods of kink shaming and revulsion will come in to play as more and more people wake up to the real agenda. Unfortunately for us, women are at the forefront of the resistance, but only once men are being materiality affected (eg; gays, fathers) will the concerns be taken seriously.

    • Vida Galore: Know please that Greens in the United States are fighting back. And that we need help. For a piece of the story on these shores, please check out:

  • Posted by Joy

    30 May, 2020 at 5:38 pm

    The psychopahy and sociopathy and misogyny of the transgender movement is absolutely breathtaking. To think you can actually erase half of the human race and take over their biological function is so diabolical as to beggar belief. We are headed over a cliff of horrific proportions. I am deeply indebted to you for bringing these issues to our attention, Jennifer. I can only imagine what it must have cost you seeing how they are even targeting J.K. Rowling.

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